All postgraduate medical trainees, excluding clinical and research fellows, must be compensated in accordance with current remuneration rates as negotiated by the Professional Association of Residents of Ontario (PARO) and the Ontario Council of Teaching Hospitals (OCOTH). A complete copy of the agreement can be viewed on the PARO website.

Funding Groups

All residency positions in Ontario must be paid by acceptable sources as defined by the Ontario Ministry of Health & Long-Term Care and the Pools Framework.

These sources are divided into the following groups:

Group 1

Ontario Ministry of Health - Clinical Education Budget (CEB)

includes the Ontario International Medical Graduate Program, Northern Family Medicine positions and Critical Care positions

Group 2

Other Ontario Government

Other Ontario Government funding (non-CEB)
includes, for example, Psychiatric Hospitals, Cancer Care Ontario , Ministry of Corrections, social services

Group 3

Group 3 Provincially or Federally Sponsored Foundations or Agencies.

National or provincial

  1. Institutions
  2. charitable organizations (including hospital foundations)
  3. non-Ontario governments
    includes, for example, Department of National Defense, New Brunswick Government, Canadian Heart and Stroke Foundation

Group 4

Foreign Sponsored Governments, Agencies or Foundations

Foreign governments, corporations, or charitable agencies
includes, for example, Kuwait Government, ARAMCO, WHO

Clinical and Research Fellows

The above restrictions do not apply to Clinical and Research Fellows. Fellows may receive compensation from any source, other than Ontario Ministry of Health & Long-Term Care at any level.