Why Come Here?

You will participate in early hands-on clinical experience, innovative curricula, and multiple learning environments.

Schulich Medicine

  • MD+ enables students to complete an interdisciplinary graduate degree or diploma concurrent with their MD program.
  • Competency-based undergraduate medical education curriculum.
  • Commitment to patient-centred care, community engagement, service learning, and research opportunities.
  • Two campuses, one curriculum.
  • A large distributed learning environment with over 60 communities for clinical learning opportunities.

Schulich Dentistry

  • Early hands-on experience with our dentistry simulation lab.
  • Early patient and clinic exposure supported by an electronic patient management system.
  • Dedicated instructors with many years of experience.
  • Commitment to community engagement through programs such as DOCS - Dental Outreach Community Service.

You will engage in a student-centred curriculum facilitated by dedicated faculty.

Schulich Medicine & Dentistry faculty members include physicians, dentists, health researchers and scholars who will:

  • Offer you the skills, knowledge and competencies for the present-day learner.
  • Ensure that you are an active participant in your learning.
  • Give you a depth of knowledge to critique data, improve your problem-solving skills, and make decisions effectively.
  • Provide a respectful learning environment where all students gain cultural competence and exercise professionalism.

You will be supported toward success.

Schulich Medicine & Dentistry is committed to supporting your success academically and non-academically.

Dedicated faculty and mentors, as well as Learner Experience Office team members, will provide tailored advice and guidance to help support your journey through medical and dental school, including enhancing your success in national licensing exams and transition to practice.

Schulich Medicine & Dentistry is committed to ensuring that financial barriers such as tuition and living costs can be mitigated. More than 1,000 awards valued at over $5 million are available throughout your medical and dental program studies, including over $540,000 annually to Entering Students based on merit and/or financial need, including:

Schulich Medical Scholarships
  • Value: $112,000
  • Payable: $28,000 per academic year, up to four years
  • Number: varies annually
Schulich Dentistry Scholarships
  • Value: $44,800
  • Payable: $11,200 per academic year, up to four years
  • Number: 4 annually

Why our students love our School.

Schulich has a reputation for being a great school as well as a great student experience. Both are important factors to me and Schulich offers a great combination of both.

I have heard a lot about Schulich's distributed education network and was very interested as rural medicine is something I am passionate about.

The friendliness and understanding shown by the 2021's on interview day showed me what a supportive and welcoming culture Schulich has cultivated. It really looked like they were a family.

Student volunteers and interviewers were so friendly, enthusiastic and accepting, combined with all I learned of the School around the time of the interview, made Schulich my clear first choice.

I found Schulich to be far more welcoming and invested in its applicants.

It was very reassuring to be welcomed on interview day.  It suggested that the class was very collaborative which is something I regard highly.