Application Frequently Asked Questions

How and When to Apply

How do I apply?

Apply online for entry to:

Before I apply, can I submit transcripts to Schulich Dentistry to find out if I meet the admission requirement?

No. The Admissions Office does not pre-assess transcripts or review documents before receiving an application through OUAC. We are more than happy to answer questions about our admission requirements so applicants can better determine if they meet the minimum requirements.

Does Schulich Dentistry have more than one application per year for entry into the DDS Program?

For entry into Year 1, the application is available through our How To Apply webpage. The online application opens mid-September and closes November 1.

For transfer into Year 2, the application is available through our Transfer Students webpage. The online application opens in early May and closes July 1.

Completing the OUAC Application

Where can I access the application?

The application can only be accessed via a link on our How to Apply webpage.

Can I apply through ADEA AADSAS?

No. The only place to access our application is through a link on our How to Apply webpage.

Does OUAC provide a confirmation email once I submit my application?

Yes. Applicants are advised to print the 'Introduction' page of the OUAC application as a reference to assist them in completing the rest of the application.

The 'Introduction' page indicates that once an application is submitted, OUAC will send an email from that will include your OUAC application number. Please add this email address to your email settings as a trusted address and save this email for future reference.

I applied but did not receive a confirmation email from OUAC.  Why?

Check your Junk Mail or Spam folder.

If the email is not there, there could be an issue with the processing of your application payment. OUAC will only send a confirmation once they have received the application payment. Please contact OUAC to inquire if there were any payment issues.

My CDA DAT ID number is only 6 digits and the application requires an ID number of 11 digits. What do I do?

Enter 5 zero’s ahead of your 6-digit ID number.

How do I add Academic Information?

For describing degrees:
  • Highest Year Level Achieved: Please indicate the highest year that has been completed. For instance, if you are in 4th Year, the highest year level that has been achieved is 3rd Year.
  • Field of Study: Choose the category that best descsribes your degree field of study.
  • Diploma/Degree Type: Choose the category that best describes your degree type.
  • Diploma/Degree Length: Indicate how many years it took/or is anticipated to take to complete the degree.
  • Diploma/Degree Status: Please indicate the current status of your degree.
For describing enrollment in courses:
  • Highest Year Level Achieved: Please 'Less than 1 year'.
  • Field of Study: Choose the category that best describes the course.
  • Diploma/Degree Type: Choose 'no'.
  • Diploma/Degree Length: Choose 'Less than 1 year'.
  • Diploma/Degree Status: Please indicate 'not expected'.

I attended the same institution as an undergraduate student and returned as a continuing/special/part-time student. Do I need to enter these separately in the academic background section?

Yes. However, you do not need to request another transcript from the same institution. The continuing, special or part-time studies information will appear on the transcript with the undergraduate course information.

I am or have been a student at Western.  Do I need to request a transcript to be sent in the OUAC application?

No. The Admissions Office will be able to access your Western transcript and therefore, you do not need to fill out a transcript request. You will still need to indicate attending Western in the Academic Background section of the OUAC application.

My current transcript does not indicate my winter term courses.  What do I do?

Applicants must provide current transcripts with their application. If your transcript does not indicate current course enrollment, you must upload an updated transcript to your Student Center by 4:30 p.m. ET on November 10, 2023.  If the transcript will not show Winter course enrollment then applicants can provide some other form of proof of enrollment/registration from their institution, such as an official letter on letterhead, which can be uploaded to your Student Center in place of the transcript until such time as an updated transcript can be provided.

Do I need to request transcripts from exchange institutions I attended?

Yes. Applicants must provide transcripts from all post-secondary institutions.

Do I need to have my international education assessed by WES?

Yes. All applicants must provide a WES report for all international education, including exchanges and Letters of Permissions.

How do I request a WES assessment?

WES reports are made available to Western's Undergraduate Admissions Office for electronic retrieval through our WES portal.

If I request a transcript through the OUAC application, do I need to need to request one directly from my institution?


If a transcript from an Ontario institution I attended cannot be requested through the OUAC application, what do I do?

For any transcript that cannot be ordered through the OUAC application, applicants must request the transcript from the institution to be sent to themselves whereupon, you will be able to upload your transcript to your Student Center.

Please note: You will not be able to access your Student Center until you have officially submitted the OUAC application and Western has received the application information from OUAC (approximately 5-7 business days).

Do I need to request a transcript even if there will be no grades reported?

Yes. We require current transcripts at the time of application for all post-secondary education as proof of enrollment in the current academic year.

What documentation is tracked in my Student Center?

Transcripts, proof of English proficiency (if applicable), citizenship documentation (if applicable), prerequisite course descriptions (if applicable).

What documentation is NOT tracked in my Student Center?

The following documents are tracked by the Schulich Medicine & Dentistry Admissions Office:

Autobiographical Sketch & Personal Statement (ABS)
Confirmation of ABS submissions are emailed upon receipt of the ABS. Please note: If you saved your work, ensure when you are officially submitting that you click the appropriate save and submit buttons.

DAT Scores
Applicants wishing confirmtaion of DAT score receipt must email with all of the following:
  • OUAC application number
  • CDA Student ID Number or ADA DENTPIN number
  • When the test was taken
Casper Scores
Applicants wishing confirmation of Casper score receipt must email
  • your OUAC Application Number,
  • your Altus Identification Number, and
  • when the test was taken.

What is the access code to activate my Western Identity/student account?

In order to retrieve your Access Code to activate your Western Identity, you will need:
  • your 10-digit OUAC reference number,
  • your 9-digit Western Student Number, and
  • your date of birth, as entered on your online OUAC application.

Instructions on how to activate your Western Identity will be provided in the email you receive from Western, which will include the Student Number assigned to you.

Check your Junk/Spam folder regularly in the days following your application submission to the OUAC to ensure you receive this email.

I am not currently enrolled in a full-time academic program. Do I need to fill out the Activities/Employment section?

Yes. Applicants who are not enrolled in a full-time program at the time of application should indicate all of their activities and employment since graduation.

I am completing the prerequisite declaration and don’t know if I meet the requirements for approved biochemistry and physiology courses. May I request a course review?

Course reviews are done between October and March for applicants of the current application cycle.

Current applicants who are unsure if the courses they have taken meet our Biochemistry and Physiology prerequisite requirements should indicate all courses they believe cover the necessary content in the Prerequisite Declaration section. Details about prerequisite course content can be found in the preamble of the course equivalents documents on our Admission Requirements webpage.

Current applicants should collect all detailed course syllabi that includes course content, grading and textbook information and, when prompted, upload this information to your Student Center.

Course reviews for future applicants are conducted between April and August.

How should I complete my Autobiographical Sketch & Personal Statement?

We are unable to provide guidance on how to complete the Autobiographical Sketch & Personal Statement. Applicants are advised to read the information provided in each section of the biosketch and use their own best judgment.

Do I need reference letters or letters of recommendation?

No. Reference letters and letters of recommendation are not an admission requirement. If submitted, they will not be assessed as part of the application.

General Inquiries

How many applications are normally received by Schulich Dentistry?

Schulich Dentistry receives approximately 500 applications each year. Up to 200 applicants are invited to attend an interview, and up to 56 are accepted into the DDS Program.

What are tuition costs?

Current and historic fee schedules for both domestic and international students can be found on the Office of the Registrar website.

What financial aid is available?

The Western Financial Aid Office is there to help students meet their educational goals. 

For detailed information, please visit the Office of Registrar website.

Can I tour the campus?

Please visit the Welcome to Western webpage for ways to explore the campus.

Contact Information