Southwestern Ontario Pathway

Our Commitment to Distributed Medical Education

Schulich Medicine is viewed as a leader in Distributed Medical Education, offering a dynamic and progressive curriculum in diversified environments throughout Southwestern Ontario, and providing medical students and residents exposure to patients, health systems and health challenges in regional, rural and urban sites.


Applicants who completed all four years of high school and graduated within the SWO Designated Counties that correspond to Schulich Medicine Distributed Education community partner locations would be considered Southwestern Ontario applicants.

There are no fixed seats or quotas for Southwestern Ontario applicants. Being considered a Southwestern Ontario applicant does not guarantee an offer of admission.

If invited for an interview, Southwestern Ontario applicants must submit an original high school transcript when registering for their interview.

Designated Counties

The Schulich Medicine Admissions Committee defines Southwestern Ontario as consisting of the following counties, which correspond to Schulich Medicine Distributed Education community partner locations:




MCAT Flexibility

Applicants who meet our Southwestern Ontario designation, as described above, will be granted some flexibility with minimum scores for the MCAT.

  • Applicants must meet the 50th percentile in the total MCAT score and the 50th percentile in each of the individual component scores of the MCAT, as part of the School’s mandate for social accountability and responsibility.
  • MCAT minimums are reset each year, based on the competitiveness of the applicant pool.
  • You must still meet the same GPA, course load, course level and non-academic admission requirements as general applicants.