Interview Selection & Notification

Each admission cycle, Schulich Dentistry invites top ranked candidates for an interview for the Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) Program, based on a holistic assessment of:

  • academic performance
  • DAT scores
  • Autobiographical Sketch & Personal Statement
Interview decisions will be sent by email from the Admissions Office approximately one month prior to the interview weekend.

Interview Weekend

Interviews will be held in late February.

Interviews will be 30-minutes duration, structured and standardized, and conducted by a three-person panel consisting of a dentist, a community member, and a senior dental student.

Post-Interview Ranking

Candidates will be ranked based on a compiled score representing scholastic achievement, DAT score, Autobiographical Sketch & Personal Statement, and an interview. Candidates who have a conferred graduate degree by the application deadline are awarded bonus points.

The quality of the applicant pool varies from year to year and can influence the minimum academic competitive level and the minimum DAT score.

Decision Communication

Offers of Admission
Following the interview weekend, the Dentistry Admissions Committee meets to make offer decisions based on candidate ranking.

Email communications are sent in March instructing candidates to visit the Student Center to view Schulich Dentistry admission decisions.

Wait List
The wait list remains active until the first day of the DDS Program, when the entire class of up to 56 students has been determined.

The specific ranked position of a candidate on the wait list is not provided. General information regarding the relative ranked position of a candidate on the wait list can be determined by contacting the Schulich Dentistry Admissions Office.

Designating an Authorized Contact
Candidates, who for any reason, may not be reachable during the active wait list period may wish to authorize another person to be contacted.

To "designate" another person(s) to receive information and/or to speak on their behalf, candidates must:
  1. Login and update the "release of information" section in their Student Center to officially allow Schulich Admissions to speak to designates, AND
  2. Contact the Admissions Office via email:
    1. to advise when they will be unreachable and
    2. to provide contact information (names, contact numbers) of the individual(s) authorized to speak on candidates behalf.

Decision Review

Candidates who do not receive an offer of admission to Year One of the DDS Program may request a review of the decision of the Dentistry Admissions Committee, provided such a request is based on significant new information that was not previously available to the candidate.

Appeal requests must be filed with the Schulich Dentistry Admissions Office no later than two weeks after the issuance of the original decision. Requests will be passed on to the Dentistry Admissions Committee whose decision is final.