Military Medical Training Program

Photograph of Canadian military uniformThe Military Medical Training Program (MMTP) Pathway is for applicants who have been active members of the Canadian Armed Forces for a minimum of 12 consecutive months prior to the application deadline.

The Canadian Armed Forces will fund a maximum of 3 supernumerary seats for the MMTP Pathway each year.

Applicants to the MMTP Pathway may be considered for MCAT flexibility with the minimum scores in the individual sections of the MCAT. Applicants must still meet the same GPA, course load and course level requirements, total MCAT score, and non-academic admission requirements as general applicants.

To be eligible for the MMTP Pathway, applicants must:

  • Be an active member of the Canadian Armed Forces for a minimum of 12 consecutive months prior to the application deadline;
  • Consent to have verification of their application with the Canadian Armed Forces; and
  • Be eligible and approved to receive funding of their medical school tuition by the Canadian Armed Forces. Applicants who are not approved for funding by the Canadian Armed Forces will be considered within the general stream application process and must meet all general stream admissions requirements.

It is the applicant's responsibility to ensure that all relevant documentation is provided.

Applying through this pathway does not automatically guarantee granting of MCAT flexibility nor guarantee admission.

To learn more about the MMTP Pathway, please contact

For additional information regarding Medical Officer recruitment/roles/responsibilities and prospective military service in Health Services, it is strongly encouraged that you also contact:

Major Tina D. Lipcsey, CD
Staff Officer Attraction and Retention, Canadian Forces Health Services Group Headquarters
t: 613.901.1558

For information about opportunities and supports available at Schulich Medicine & Dentistry, please contact the Office of Military Academic Medicine.