Fellowship in Oral Health Research for Undergraduate Dental Students (FORUS)

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About the Program

The Fellowship in Oral Health Research for Undergraduate Dental Students (FORUS) is a competitive research training program awarded to dental students by Schulich Dentistry’s Research Committee. It is an opportunity to engage in impactful oral health research across the various dental disciplines and specialties. 

Program Objectives

1. To foster a culture of research within Schulich Dentistry
2. To provide dental students with training to acquire competency in academic research and scholarship
3. To support the effective communication of Schulich’s oral health research at the national and international fronts

Program Description

FORUS is a two-year program. For awarded fellows demonstrating exceptional progress, renewal for a third year may be possible depending on funding availability.

Awarded fellows are expected to work on their research projects full-time over the summer and flex-time during the academic year. The workplan consisting of a timeline and a set of deliverables are to be agreed upon between the faculty supervisor and approved by the Research Committee.

Fellowships are limited to one student per project. A student is allowed one fellowship during their time at Schulich Dentistry.

Fellowship stipend: Fellows are awarded a stipend of $5000 per year.

Stipend top-ups: Up to $1000 for conference registration and travel upon acceptance of an abstract to a recognized national or international conference. Assistance with open access publication fees can also be provided. (One time per fellowship)

Project operational funds: An amount up to $4000 can be awarded to fellowship projects to faculty mentors based on funding availability.


• Applications are accepted from first- and second-year students including ITD program.
• Applicants must be in a good academic standing.
• Previous research experience is an asset but not required.

Expectations and Learning Outcomes - Research Fellows

By accepting an award, fellows commit to:
• Following a workplan consisting of a defined timeline, milestones and deliverables

• Participating in regular scheduled meetings with other program fellows and mentors over the summer months, and a once per term meeting in the Winter and Spring to report on progress and prospective plans.

• Attending and actively participating in all Seminars in Dental Sciences taking place over the academic year.

• Participating in research activities and events at Schulich Dentistry (e.g., research workshops, lunch and learn events, Dental Academic Research Trainee (DART) events)

• Presenting at the Seminars in Dental Sciences (Requirement: one time per fellowship)

• Presenting at the Schulich Dentistry Research Day (Requirement: one time per fellowship)

• Submitting an abstract and presenting in a recognized national or international conference as per the recommendations of the main mentor (Requirement: one time per fellowship)

Expectations and Commitments - Faculty Mentors

• Ensuring that the necessary certifications and Research Ethics Board approvals are obtained, where applicable. Students should be encouraged to take part in this process.

• Ensuring that all research procedures strictly follow the Standard Operating Procedures for Clinical Research at Schulich Dentistry, where applicable.

• Working with the student/fellow to set a timeline and deliverables for the project, which are to be submitted to the Research Committee.

• Being actively involved in project supervision throughout the duration of the fellowship.

• Participating in the regular fellowship meetings to be held through the academic year and prompting students to present project progress.

• Prompting the fellow to participate in research events in and outside of Schulich Dentistry.


Faculty Application - January 15th, 2024, 11:59 PM EST.

Student Application - March 15th, 2024, 5:00 PM EST.


Contact Us

Program Director: Dr. Noha Gomaa, BDS, MSc, PhD
Assistant Professor and Associate Director for Research

Administrative Assistant: Ms. Akili Aitcheson aaitches@uwo.ca