How to Apply

To apply to the Doctor of Medicine (MD) Program, applications must be submitted through OMSAS as follows:

Online Application

The Online Application is due October 1, 4:30 p.m. ET along with the following documentation:

  • Official post-secondary transcripts
  • Official MCAT: Applicants must have written the MCAT version introduced in April 2015, and must submit their most recent results.
  • Non-refundable institutional levy and OMSAS processing fee

Abbreviated Autobiographical Sketch

The Abbreviated Autobiographical Sketch is due October 15, 4:30 p.m. ET.

  • Do not submit without your OMSAS Reference Number (eg. 2019-80xxxx) which you will receive after you have submitted your completed OMSAS application.

Confidential Assessment Forms

Confidential Assessment Forms are due December 1.

  • References are required from three persons who, in the opinion of the applicant, will give an informed critical assessment of the applicant and make statements regarding the applicant's character, qualities, and academic capabilities.
  • Referees should be individuals who know the applicant well but are not family members or personal friends.
  • Preference for at least one referee to provide a non-academic reference.

Please note: Falsification or misrepresentation of information from any portion of the application process, including interviews, will result in removal of the application from consideration.