November 2021 Newsletter

    • Chair's Message – Children’s Vaccination
      The approval of a COVID 19 vaccination program for children, ages 5-11 years, has injected a feeling of optimism into the population. The significance of vaccinating this large group of unvaccinated individuals is highlighted through the media reports about this and considerable focus on the role of family physicians and others in combatting vaccine hesitancy in the parents of these children. It is estimated in some circles that up to 30% of parents are hesitant and want more information before consenting to vaccinate their children.

    • Undergraduate Report
      One of the most exciting opportunities for Family Medicine to promote and recruit students into a Family Medicine career is starting in January 2022. The Longitudinal Clinical Experience (LCE) will provide early exposure for first- and second-year medical students to real patients in a generalist, primary care setting. The goal of the program is to provide an observership experience in a clinical setting to help prepare students for entering clerkship. The benefit for Family Medicine is repeated exposure, over-time, to the daily work we do as physicians, and insight into the joy of a long-term patient-physician relationship.

    • Postgraduate Report
      With the December holidays approaching, we wanted to take a moment to remind our preceptors and residents to complete their One45 to-do items. Please also mark your calendars with the upcoming program recruitment events and to see details about resident projects. 

    • Graduate Report
      We would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the tremendous resilience of our students who continue to fight COVID-19.  Despite their tremendous clinical roles, they remain committed to pursuing their academic goals in the MClSc and PhD Programs.

    • Research Report
      The Centre for Studies in Family Medicine and the Department of Family Medicine were pleased to welcome Professor Christian Mallen on his recent visit to us from the United Kingdom. During his visit, he delivered a well-received lecture entitled “Pain and Prejudice”.

    • West Middlesex Health Centre (WMHC) Grand Opening
      On November 10, a small event took place to celebrate the official opening of another full-time teaching clinic in the Department of Family Medicine and welcome three new doctors coming to the centre.

    • Award: Dr. Laura Lyons Receives Region 2 Family Physician of the Year Award
      The Regional Family Physician of the Year Award recognizes seven physicians – one from each region of the province – who provide exemplary care to their patients and are passionately involved in activities that contribute to excellence in family medicine.

    • Community Spotlight: Chatham-Kent
      As with all health care settings, the Thamesview Family Health Team and Chatham-Kent Family Health Team had to pivot very quickly with the arrival of COVID-19 in Canada in March 2020.  Many of us worked shifts at the newly-established COVID Assessment Centre or continued our duties in a new way in the Emergency Departments.  We reorganized our hospital rounds into small groups to minimize the number of people rounding in the hospital, and we began to figure out how to provide “virtual” visits. 

    • Award: Dr. Bridget Ryan - AMS 2021 Fellow in Compassion and Artificial Intelligence
      AMS Healthcare announced the 2021 Research Fellows in Compassion and Artificial Intelligence. Dr. Bridget Ryan was selected by an external expert review panel as a leader and innovator to address the challenges facing healthcare.

    • Award: Dr. Kevin Pottie receives the 2021 Family Medicine Researcher of the Year Award.
      “The Family Medicine Researcher of the Year Award recognizes a College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC) member who has made original contributions to research and knowledge building in family medicine in Canada. This award honours a researcher who has been a pivotal force in the definition, development, and dissemination of concepts central to the discipline of family medicine”.

    • Strategic Plan: Leading in health… with our region for the world
      Schulich Medicine & Dentistry’s new five-year Strategic Plan outlines five strategic priorities: Educational Excellence; Research Impact; Social Accountability; People; and Partnerships. Learn more about the goals established for these priorities.

    • Department Spotlight: Leslie Meredith
      "Having an active role in the creation of the TUTOR-PHC program approximately 19 years ago was perhaps the most impactful accomplishment at the CSFM. Having a national training program in interdisciplinary primary health care research with Western as the lead university is impressive. As well, the creation of the provincially based INSPIRE-PHC program that created a network of PHC researchers and supported broad-based PHC research throughout the province was very rewarding."

    • Alumni Profile: Nisanthini (Nisha) Ravichandiran
      "I practice Family Medicine in Scarborough, as part of a multidisciplinary family health team. My research interests include access to healthcare for immigrants and the role of technology in patient care."

    • FMIG Profile: Arielle Sutton
      "I think that because I have suffered from a chronic condition since I was a teenager, I have seen the importance of empathy and strong interpersonal skills in a doctor."

    • Chief Resident Profile: Adam Beswick
      "The opportunity to practice in such a variety of clinical settings and at hospitals within our catchment area has given me the opportunity to meet so many interesting people and participate in fascinating and rewarding medicine."

    • TUTOR-PHC Call for Applications
      The call for applications for TUTOR-PHC is open to graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, mid-career clinicians, and decision makers from across primary health care is now open. The Deadline is December 06, 2021.

    • Looking for Interview Participants: Study Regarding Unattached Patients and Access to Primary Care During Pandemic
      Are you a family doctor in Ontario who accepted patients from Health Care Connect or provided care to unattached patients during COVID-19? Researchers are interested in talking to you. Please contact to share your experiences.

    • Feature: It’s in her DNA
      Putting patients first has been central to Dr. Moira Stewart’s research ethos. Throughout her 40+ year career as an epidemiologist and research methodologist in family medicine, Dr. Stewart has always focused on patients, and patient engagement.

    • Feature: Fighting diabetes and inequity for all patients
      Dr. Stewart Harris, the Diabetes Canada Chair in Diabetes Management, develops and delivers strategies to support Indigenous communities and other vulnerable and racialized populations to help manage and reduce diabetes-related outcomes.

    • Feature: Unique study uncovers realities of hypoglycemia
      Led by Western University’s Alexandria Ratzki-Leewing and Dr. Stewart Harris, the year-long iNPHORM study is the first of its kind to be conducted in the U.S. and follows an earlier Canadian study that reveals unexpectedly high rates of self-reported hypoglycemic episodes among patients with diabetes.

    • In the Media: COVID-19 vaccine appointments for ages 5-11 open up
      Hear from Dr. Stephen Wetmore, Chair/Chief, Department of Family Medicine, as COVID-19 vaccine appointments open up for ages 5-11.

    • Celebrating your achievements
      Congratulations Laura Lyons, Bridget Ryan, and Kevin Pottie on your recent awards and recognitions.