Chair's Message – Children’s Vaccination

The approval of a COVID 19 vaccination program for children, ages 5-11 years, has injected a feeling of optimism into the population. The significance of vaccinating this large group of unvaccinated individuals is highlighted through the media reports about this and considerable focus on the role of family physicians and others in combatting vaccine hesitancy in the parents of these children. It is estimated in some circles that up to 30% of parents are hesitant and want more information before consenting to vaccinate their children.

Family physicians will be important advocates for children’s vaccination as parents seek information from their trusted health care providers. We can reassure parents that the vaccine is safe and effective and can sooth their fears about possible long-term effects, on fertility for example, (no evidence has emerged of any alterations in fertility after vaccination), and on possible complications, like Myocarditis, (Myocarditis risk is very low for this age group, much less than 1/20,000 shots, which is the peak risk for 16–18-year age group). Over 2.5 million children, ages 5-11, in the USA have been vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccine with no significant untoward effects detected.

Vaccination of these children will go a long way towards reaching the 90% immunity population level result that is being sought. It will also result in the following:

  • Significantly fewer school outbreaks
  • No school closures
  • No halting of recreational activities
  • More safety and comfort for extended families, through reduced risk of transmission to the elderly and others


I know family physicians will be on board for supporting vaccination in this age group through advocacy, support and guidance for parents and families, and participation in vaccinating your patients if your office and clinic is set up to do so.

Thank you for all the dedication and hard work you have demonstrated through the pandemic. I wish you all the very best for the upcoming holiday season.

For more information on vaccinating children against COVID please attend the LMPCA Town Hall meeting on Tues evening, November 30, 2021.