Department Spotlight: Leslie Meredith

Name: Leslie Meredith

What is your role with the department? 

Research Manager at the Centre for Studies in Family Medicine working on various health services projects with Dr. Maria Mathews and on the groundwork for a problem-based learning network for the Department.

What’s been your most memorable experience while working in the Department?

The most memorable experience would have to be hosting the TUTOR-PHC symposium in Nova Scotia at an ocean side retreat and watching two intrepid PHC researchers (one department member to remain nameless) brave the cold of the Atlantic Ocean – in May!

What’s your greatest accomplishment?

I think having an active role in the creation of the TUTOR-PHC program approximately 19 years ago was perhaps the most impactful accomplishment at the CSFM. Having a national training program in interdisciplinary primary health care research with Western as the lead university is impressive. As well, the creation of the provincially based INSPIRE-PHC program that created a network of PHC researchers and supported broad-based PHC research throughout the province was very rewarding.

And then what do you like to do outside of work, or how do you enjoy spending your time, etc.

I enjoy time with family and friends, playing and watching sports (Go Jays, Go Leafs, Go Raptors!), and cheering kids on in their lives from the sidelines.