October 2017 Newsletter

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    Meet our resident leaders

    Drs. Matthew DiBartolomeo, Janina Mailloux and Saif Zahir are the 2017/2018 Family Medicine chief residents. They serve as an important resource to the Department and resident body, as well as mentors, leaders, and advocates for the Program.

  • decorative imageChair's Message
    One of the important roles that family doctors play is in the area of prevention. Family doctors are uniquely set up to do this effectively through our primary contact with patients before disease occurs, through our knowledge of our patients’ context, and our ability to follow patients over time in a trusting relationship.

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    The new academic year is off to a great start. The Postgraduate team is currently seeking feedback regarding the new curriculum changes that were implemented this year in the Urban Program...

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    This year we launched the 2017-18 academic year with four new MClSc students and one PhD student. The opening reception of the MClSc 40th Anniversary marked the inaugural J.F. Sangster Graduate Studies Family Medicine Awards...

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    We have revamped your Western Family Medicine Faculty Development Program. The Faculty Development Dispatch is sent out at the start of each month, and provides details on the full scope of events and opportunities taking place during that month. A full event calendar is available on our new web page...

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    Family Doctor Week in Canada (FDW) will be recognized from November 6-11, 2017. This celebratory week provides governments, health care organizations, colleagues and the public an opportunity to acknowledge the outstanding contributions made by family doctors to improve the health and well-being of their patients.

  • decorative imageFamily Medicine celebrates annual Dr. Ian McWhinney Lecture Series
    The Department celebrated the legacy of Dr. Ian McWhinney with the third annual lecture series on September 20. Dr. Larry Green delivered the keynote presentation, "Will People have a Personal Physician Anymore?" to an auditorium of over 200 residents, faculty, researchers and community physicians.

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    Dr. Joseph Zakaria is proud to have completed his clerkship and residency in Windsor. Now he's teaching and mentoring students in his role as the Academic Director for Family Medicine. Via the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry Communications Department.

  • decorative imageObstetrical Skills Day
    First year family medicine residents will attend the annual Obstetrical Skills Day on November 1. A dedicated group of faculty will come together under the leadership of Dr. Laura Lyons to present an informative 1/2 day workshop with hands-on rotating work stations covering everything from the mechanics of a normal vaginal birth to diagnosing and treating a shoulder dystocia.

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    Join Drs. Chantelle Richmond and Joshua Tobias for their presentation "Journeying breast cancer as a First Nation’s woman: One mother’s stories of isolation, courage and healing" on Wednesday, Nov. 1 from 8:30 - 9:30 a.m. in Room 1150 of The Western Centre for Public Health and Family Medicine.

  • decorative imageAnnual Family Medicine Mix & Mingle
    The Family Medicine Interest Group (FMIG) is pleased to announce its first formal event of the academic year: our Family Medicine Mix & Mingle on November 22. This event provides students with an opportunity to connect with family medicine residents and doctors in the London area. We would like to thank all of the residents and doctors for volunteering their time.

  • decorative imageFamily Medicine Forum
    Family Medicine Forum (FMF) will be held from November 8 to 11 in Montréal, Quebec at the Palais des Congrès. This is the largest annual conference for family physicians. Many of our research and clinical faculty and staff will be presenting posters, workshops or education sessions.

  • decorative image TUTOR-PHC is now accepting applications
    TUTOR-PHC or Transdisciplinary Understanding and Training on Research – Primary Health Care is a one-year, pan-Canadian interdisciplinary research capacity building program that has been training primary and integrated health care researchers and decision-makers since 2003.

  • decorative imageAcademic Half Day: Social Media 101
    On November 15 Dr. Daniel Pepe and Dr. Saadia Hameed will present academic half day on Social Media 101. We encourage all attending to sign up for Twitter BEFORE the session. The session will be interactive so we ask you to bring your phone, tablet, and laptops. Faculty are more than welcome to attend either in person, or by participating online.

  • decorative imageDepartment Spotlight: Dr. Caroline Rebicki
    Dr. Caroline Rebicki is a current student in the MClSc in Family Medicine program. She is a busy wife, and mother of five kids, who loves to travel, cook, and garden. "Western’s Family Medicine Department is recognized world-wide for their avant-gard approach to Family Medicine as a discipline. I wanted to be part of that. And maybe make it a family tradition to have a degree from Western University."

  • decorative imageOctober 2017 Research and Publications
    The Department of Family Medicine is at the forefront of research in primary health care. Among the areas of focus for research are patient-centered care, clinical practice guidelines, health promotion, population health, care of the elderly, health services and information technology.

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    Mark your calendars for the annual Family Medicine Forum on November 8-11. Save the date for the North American Primary Care Research Group (NAPCRG) Annual Meeting on November 17-21, and the Ontario College of Family Physicians 2017 Annual Scientific Assembly on November 23-24.

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    Department of Family Medicine Facebook Page, Postgraduate Program Report, Chair's Message.