Department Spotlight: Dr. Caroline Rebicki


Dr Caroline V. M. Rebicki is a graduate student at the MClSc Family Medicine Program.
She is also a teacher at Positivo University Medical School, in Curitiba, Brazil.
She believes that teaching medicine at the community level will enhance medical students’ ability to see “the big picture” on equity of access to health services, impact of social determinants of health in a community and ultimately improve competence on patient-centered clinical method at the community level.

This video is a short presentation of the methodology used in the Public Health/Family Medicine Disciplines at Positivo University, Curitiba, Brazil. For more information, please contact

Tell me a little about yourself: 
I am a busy wife and mother of 5 kids, I am a master at multitasking!
Where were you born? Where were you raised?
I am Brazilian, born and raised.  But I lived in London, Ontario for three years as a teenager while my father was doing his PhD here at Western.
What degrees do you have, and from what universities?
I have a medical degree from my state’s Federal University (UFPR) and I specialized in Family Medicine in 2012.
Where do you practice medicine and in what scope? What are your research interests?
I practice in Brazil, in a private health insurance and as a tutor for third year medical students in public health clinics. My interests are medical education and Family Medicine.
What special interests or hobbies do you have?
I love travelling, cooking and gardening.

Why did you choose to pursue a MClSc in the Department of Family Medicine at Schulich Medicine & Dentistry?
Western’s Family Medicine Department is recognized world-wide for their avant-gard approach to Family Medicine as a discipline.  I wanted to be part of that.  And maybe make it a Family tradition to have a degree from Western....

Can you tell me about your experience in the programm?
It’s been a great journey of personal and professional discoveries.
What inspires you in your work?
My Family, and my love for medicine! 
What has been your greatest experience to date in your practice/research?
Discovering how much I love to teach Family Medicine.