Annual Family Medicine Mix & Mingle

The Family Medicine Interest Group (FMIG) is pleased to announce its first formal event of the academic year: our Family Medicine Mix & Mingle on November 22.
This event provides students with an opportunity to connect with family medicine residents and doctors in the London area. In a “speed dating” style rotation, students will be able to ask questions they have about applying for residency, the practice of family medicine, and anything else they choose. By drawing on a diversity of experiences from different doctors we hope to provide students with a better understanding of family medicine and how they may be able to practice in the future.
This has been a successful event in the past and students are looking forward to participating this year. One of our new FMIG executives Matt Lund attended the event last year.
"This was the event that really made me realize how amazing family medicine is,” said Matt. “Having a chance to chat with so many residents and family docs was inspiring and also extremely informative."
We would like to thank all of the residents and doctors for volunteering their time and we are looking forward to providing this valuable experience for a new year of students.
Sierra, Cece, and Brandon
FMIG Co-Chairs 2017-2018