Distributed Education Travel & Accommodation Policy

Schulich Medicine Distributed Education

Travel and Accommodation Policy                Effective:  July 1, 2018


 The Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry’s Distributed Education Program is funded by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care and provides reimbursement of travel and accommodation expenses for learners enrolled in Schulich Medical School that are completing training rotations outside of the academic health sciences centre, within Southwestern Ontario.

 STEP 1 – Eligibility

 Learners may be eligible for Schulich Medicine Distributed Education funding when they participate in rotations that are between one month (4 consecutive weeks) and up to six months in duration, AND meet the following criteria:

Part A:  Eligible Medical Learner

Schulich Medicine 1st or 2nd Year Student
  • Schulich Medicine Clerk
  • Schulich 4th Year Student
  • Schulich Medicine Resident
  • MOHLTC Funded Undergraduate Medical Student
  • Your rotation is between one month (4 consecutive weeks) and up to six months in duration

 If one of the above apply to you, proceed to Part B.

 Non Eligible Medical Learner

  • Non-Schulich Medicine Resident
  • Non-MOHLTC Funded Resident
  • Physician Assistant Student

All non-Eligible medical learners are encouraged to consult their program specific travel and housing policies for possible alternate funding sources.

Horizontal Rotations do not qualify for funding.

 NOTE:  If you are a Schulich Family Medicine Resident, please submit your travel through the Department of Family Medicine.

Part B:  Rotation Location Eligibility

To determine whether a rotation is eligible for Distributed Education reimbursement, it must be located in an Approved Schulich Medicine Distributed Education Community.


Campus Location of Rotation Schulich Learner
(Clerks and Residents)
London Campus Communities less than 35 kms from London Not funded
London Campus Communities 35 kms or more from London Funded
Windsor Campus Communities less than 35 kms from Windsor Not funded
Windsor Campus Communities 35 kms or more from Windsor Funded

If you will be completing a rotation in a community that is funded, proceed to Part C.

Part C:  Distance Eligibility

To determine if you meet the distance criteria of 35 kms or greater, please reference the Communities Distance Chart.  Below is the list of addresses used to identify the Academic Home Base and Teaching Sites.  Clinical location sites must be within a Schulich Medicine Distributed Education community training site and is based on the community hospital for mileage calculation.  For communities that do not have a hospital site, distance will be calculated to the preceptor’s clinic location.

Distance Eligibility - Academic Home Base Reference

Academic Home Base Teaching Site Address used for Mileage Reimbursement
London Campus Western University
1151 Richmond Street
Goderich* Maitland Valley Family Medicine Centre
180 Cambria Road North
Hanover* Hanover Medical Clinic
118 7th Ave
Petrolia* Petrolia Medical Clinic
4130 Glenview Road
Stratford* Avon Family Medicine Centre
511 Huron Street
Tavistock* Tavistock Family Health Network
80 Maria Street
Ailsa Craig North Middlesex Community Health Centre
147 Main Street
Amherstburg Amherstburg Family Heath Team
721 Front Road South
Aylmer 418 Talbot Street West
Bayfield Lighthouse Medical Centre
Main Street South
Blenheim Blenheim Medical Centre
Chatham Street North
Chatham St. Joseph’s Health Sciences Association of Chatham
80 Grand Ave West
Chesley South Bruce Grey Health Centre
Clinton Clinton Public Hospital
Dresden 564 George Street
Durham Durham Medical Clinic
Exeter South Huron Hospital
24 Huron Street West
Flesherton Flesherton Family Practice
6 Alice Street
Goderich Alexandra Marine & General Hospital
125 Napier Street
Grand Bend Grand Bend Area Community Health Centre
69 Main Street East
Hanover Hanover and District Hospital
90 7th Ave
Harrow Harrow Family Health Centre
1480 Erie Road South
Ilderton Middlesex Centre Regional Medical Clinic
36 Heritage Drive
Ingersoll Alexandra Hospital
29 Noxon Street
Kincardine South Bruce Grey Health Centre 
21 McGivern Street West
Leamington Leamington District Memorial Hospital
Lion’s Head Pennisula Family Health Team
24 Moore Street
Listowel Listowel Memorial Hospital
255 Elizabeth Street East
Lucan 280 Main Street
Markdale Grey Bruce Health Services, Markdale Site
Meaford Grey Bruce Health Services, Meaford Site
Mitchell Mitchell Family Doctors
7 Frances Street
Mount Brydges Southwest Middlesex Health Centre
22262 Mill Road
Muncey Southwest Ontario Aboriginal Health Access Centre
4 Anishnaabeg Drive
Newbury Four Counties Health Services
1824 Concession Drive
Owen Sound Grey Bruce Health Services, Owen Sound Site 1800 8th Street East
*some rotations may be funded by the Rural Ontario Medical Program (ROMP). Refer to their website for information.
Palmerston 130 Main Street East
Petrolia Charlotte Eleanor Englehart Hospital
450 Blanche Street
Point Edward 704 Mara Street
Sarnia Bluewater Health
89 Norman Street
Saugeen Shores Saugeen Shores Medical Building
36 Grey Street North
Seaforth Seaforth Community Hospital
24 Centennial Drive
Southampton Grey Bruce Health Services, Southampton Site
St. Marys St. Marys Memorial Hospital
267 Queen Street West
St. Thomas St. Thomas-Elgin General Hospital
189 Elm Street
Stratford Stratford General Hospital
46 General Hospital Drive
Strathroy Strathroy Middlesex General Hospital
395 Carrie Street
Tavistock Tavistock Health Centre
80 Maria Street
Thorndale Thorndale Lions Medical Centre
21816 Fairview Road
Tilbury Tilbury District Family Health Team
22 Mill Street West
Tillsonburg Tillsonburg District Memorial Hospital
167 Rolph Street
Walkerton South Bruce Grey Health Centre
21 McGivern Street
Wallaceburg Sydenham District Hospital
80 Grand Ave West
West Lorne West Elgin Community Health Centre
153 Main Street West
Wiarton Grey Bruce Health Services
369 Mary Street
Wingham Wingham and District Hospital
270 Carling Terrace
Woodstock Woodstock General Hospital
270 Riddell Street
Zurich Bluewater Area Family Health Team
43 Main Street

 *Family Medicine CaRMS matched teaching sites

If you will be completing a rotation that is ≥35 kilometres from your Academic Home Base, proceed to Step 2.

STEP 2 – Temporary Housing or Commuting

Schulich Medicine Distributed Education funding will be offered only if the previous eligibility criteria have been met.  You will choose EITHER to:  live temporarily in the Distributed Education community OR to commute daily.

Temporary Housing - Schulich Medicine Distributed Education strongly encourages trainees to live and learn in the community to optimize their experience.  Funding for housing is provided to learners who maintain two places of residence during the rotation month(s): a primary residence at the Academic Home Base (see above) and a secondary residence in the community for the duration of the rotation.  Funding is not intended to pay rent/mortgage for the learner’s primary residence.

Living in the “community” is considered to be living temporarily within the rotation location which is ≥35 kms from your Academic Home Base (see above).

Schulich Medicine Distributed Education provides accommodation funding up to $800.00 per month (HST included).  Accommodation is available in most of our main teaching communities but there are no guarantees.  If accommodations are not available, learners are able to find their own accommodations and will be reimbursed up to the funding limit of $800.00 per month. 

Learners who choose temporary housing are entitled to travel funding for one return trip from their Academic Home Base.

Commuting - You are strongly encouraged to live and learn in the community to optimize your experience, however, there may be situations when commuting is the necessary choice.  When making this decision, please consider call schedules, weather and travel time.

Learners who do not choose to live in temporary housing in the community, may qualify for travel reimbursement to support daily commute up to a maximum of $400.00 per month.

Temporary Housing Request:

Accommodation must be requested by the learner 90 days prior to the start of their community rotation.  If notice is not received 90 days prior to the start of the rotation, it will be assumed that accommodation is not required and therefore not funded by the Schulich Medicine Distributed Education Program.

Complete Learner Accommodation Request Form and review policy requirements.

Requirements – 

  1. Temporary housing funded by Distributed Education MUST BE used for living/overnight stays for the full duration of the rotation.
  2. Accommodations are provided for the individual learner only; additional guests are not permitted.
  3. Learners may occasionally wish to arrange their own housing. Distributed Education must be notified of any housing arranged by the learner at least one month prior to the rotation.
  4. Accommodations may be co-ed with shared kitchens, bathrooms and sitting area.
  5. Please be aware that pets and smoking are not permitted at any housing site.
  6. All learners are required to adhere to the landlord’s housing rules.
  7. Additional fees may be applied for any internet overages. Learners who use community computing privileges for illegal downloading and file sharing will face disciplinary action for a violation of Western’s Student Code of Conduct, Western’s Code of Behaviour for Use of Computing Resources (MAAP 1.13) and the possibility of criminal or civil prosecution by the copyright holder.
  8. Please notify Distributed Education on your accommodation request form, if there are special requirements for housing, such as allergy alerts, disability accommodation, or religious observances. Every reasonable effort will be made to accommodate these requests.

Professionalism – Once booked, learners are responsible for communicating to both the landlord and to Schulich Medicine Distributed Education any change that would impact the confirmed housing, including date changes and/or cancellation.  The learner will be responsible for any accommodation costs associated with the learner’s cancellation or non-use of housing.

Housing with Travel Funding

Learners who are housed in a Distributed Education community (see page 2-5), may also be eligible for additional travel funding for the following:

 One return trip from the community rotation site to the Academic Home Base (see page 2-5).

  • Travel to preceptor’s clinic(s) which exceeds 35 kms, (one-way) from the Distributed Education clinical rotation site. Maximum of one weekly return trip will be reimbursed.  Mileage will be calculated by the Distributed Education office using shortest Google Map distances.  Clinical travel that is unrelated to the claimed rotation is not eligible.

 Mandatory Academic Sessions

  • Mandatory Academic Sessions requiring travel back to the Academic Home Base (see page 2-5) will be considered if travel exceeds 35 kms (one way trip). For learners based in communities were videoconferencing cannot be delivered or where personal attendance is deemed necessary (by the Program Director), additional trips to the Academic Home Base (see page 2-5) will be considered.

Mandatory Academic Sessions funded by Distributed Education are (maximum allowance is one mandatory session per week)

  • Exams (written or oral)
  • PGME/UGME Academic Half Days

Note:  Funding for daily commuting will only be provided to learners if notification of accommodation cancellation is received and confirmed 60 days (minimum) prior to the start of the community rotation.


 Travel costs will only be reimbursed if the clinical rotation site:

  • is in an Schulich Medicine Distributed Education site (link to list)
  • is 35 kilometres or further (one way) from the learner’s Academic Home Base.

Travel funds are only available for travel incurred by learners using their own vehicle or taking public transportation such as bus or train.  Local community transportation, parking, and vehicle servicing expenses are not reimbursable.  Travel expenses within a community are not considered.

STEP 3 - Submission & Reimbursement

Learners submit travel and housing expenses by completing the Schulich Medicine Distributed Education Learner Expense Form.

 For Travel, mileage is calculated between the Learner’s Academic Home Base AND the clinical rotation site.  All distances are calculated using the shortest route identified on Google Maps.

Round-trip kilometres are reimbursed at Western University’s current kilometre allowance.  The maximum eligible travel allowance provided for each rotation is $400.00 per month.  This maximum takes into consideration all funds claimed under the Travel Policy.

For housing arranged by Schulich Medicine Distributed Education, no documents are required from the learner.

For reimbursement of learner arranged housing, accommodation receipts must be originals and include:

  • Learner’s name
  • Address of accommodations
  • Dates of occupancy
  • Amount paid
  • Name and signature of the landlord
  • Email and telephone number at which landlord can be reached

All claims for Distributed Education funding must be submitted within 60 days of the final day of the rotation.  Claims that are submitted late will not be processed.

Expenses will be processed for reimbursement after the rotation completion.  Payment may then take up to 90 days for processing.

Learner Accommodation Request Form

*updated June 29, 2018