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Camp leader teaching students (Discovery Healthcare Program)

Discovery Healthcare offers a paid summer leadership opportunity for Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry and/or Western University students pursuing a career in a healthcare field.

The purpose of Discovery Healthcare is to engage and mentor high school students throughout Southwestern Ontario to consider healthcare career opportunities available to them, learn basic clinical skills and have fun!

Inspire and mentor youth through fun and exciting learning activities such as:

  • clinical skills - suturing, casting, wound dressing, stethoscope, and SIM intubations
  • clinical exposure and workshops with nurses, physicians, allied healthcare professionals
  • mock disasters and wilderness medicine
  • teaching social determinants of health
  • fun team-building activities and hands-on case-based learning

Discovery Healthcare is a one-week summer day camp for high school students where each student can gain an understanding of a diverse range of healthcare careers.

Lead by healthcare students from Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry at Western University, campers will learn about career opportunities in healthcare, the requirements to pursue this path and develop an understanding of the unique aspects of healthcare in the community.

There are two leadership positions available to apply for at Discovery Healthcare.

Camp Captain

The Camp Captain acts as a liaison between community coordinators, staff and campers. This position begins in March and work with community champions to organize and layout the camp week. During camp, the camp captain would be the principal contact with the community, coordinators and leaders. The position will participate in the weekly camps as a senior leader and provide required daily reports to the Office of Distributed Education. Camp Leaders will ensure a safe and fun learning environment and foster confidence in a young learner to aspire to a healthcare career. This position would also complete camper and community surveys at the conclusion of camp and provide a full transition report to the Office of Distributed Education.

Camp Leaders

Camp Leaders will begin in the spring to assist the captain with final organization and camp planning. This role may assist with registration. During camp, the camp leaders would run the daily camp activities under the direction of the camp captain and follow the predetermined schedule and policies. Camp Leaders will ensure a safe and fun learning environment and foster confidence in a young learner to aspire to a healthcare career. Upon completion of the camp, the camp leaders would be asked to provide a reflection and transition report.

Discovery Healthcare aims to be a socially accountable initiative supported by the Office of Distributed Education, Schulich Medicine & Dentistry. By fostering a passion for healthcare among our local youth, Discovery Healthcare will serve as an initiative to encourage the sustainability of our future healthcare system. Although all camps throughout the Distributed Education region will have the same overarching objectives, each camp will be created to highlight the unique attributes of healthcare systems in the local community where the camp is taking place.

Benefits for Western students

  • Opportunity to develop leadership and communication skills
  • Opportunity to give back to younger students by sharing their knowledge and experience in pursuing a healthcare-related career
  • Explore living in a rural community
  • Develop lifelong friendships with other camp leaders
  • Opportunity to conduct a research project and present it at a national conference. If you’re participating in Discovery Healthcare and have an idea for a research project, please apply here.



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