New Faculty Information

Welcome to the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry, Western University Distributed Education Faculty.  As a new faculty member, you will be invited to help us provide learning opportunities for medical students and residents from across the continuum of medical education.  Currently, in Southwestern Ontario, we have had more than 1400 residents and 1800 undergraduate students experience medical training with our incredible faculty.  At Schulich Medicine, we are quite fortunate to have faculty members such as you who provide a dynamic and robust learning environment for our learners.

Below is a step-by-step chart to assist you in the set-up in your new role.  If you have any questions, Our Team is pleased to assist you further.

Step 1 - Your Western Identity

Your Western Identity (ID) is your key to central services at Western and consists of your USER ID and Password. This identity is assigned to you upon your Faculty Appointment. Your Western ID is used as a central authentication source, granting you access to a wide variety of services including email, calendar, Human Resources, Western Financials, OWL, One45, and Western Libraries.Your Western Identity remains available to you as long as you are an active member of the university community. In order for you to access One45, Western Libraries or Western Email account, you must first activate your Western Identity. To access your Western Identity click here.

Step 2 - Western Email

Detailed instructions on how to set up your Western Email can be found on the Western ITS website by clicking here.  If you choose not to use your Western email, it is extremely important that you forward it to your preferred email address. Western Human Resources, learners and clinical departments may use your Western email to contact you regarding important information such as payment, learning objectives, etc. This will avoid duplication or loss of items mailed to one account and not the other. For instructions on how to redirect messages from your Western email address to your preferred email address click here.

Step 3 - Preceptor Payments

As a Distributed Faculty member, funding may be provided for preceptoring learners within your clinical practice. You may choose to have payments made to yourself as an individual or to your professional corporation. If you do choose to have payments made to yourself, a T4A will be issued yearly through Western Human Resources. Faculty may choose to change their payment options at any time by emailing Preceptor payments are completed on a quarterly basis – March 31st, June 30th, September 30th, and December 31st each year. Payments to professional corporations are completed by cheque and a summary statement is attached outlining the amount paid for each learner taught. If payments are made to yourself as an individual, please log into Western's MyHR to have payments made by direct deposit into your personal bank account.

Step 4 - Western ONEcard

As members of the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry family, we are pleased to announce that all distributed faculty members can now apply online for their WesternONE card. The card provides you with your Western ID creating more ease in ongoing communication and interaction with Western University. Obtain your Western ONEcard.

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