Student Leadership Groups

Rural Medicine Interest Group (RMIG)

The aim of our group is to increase awareness and experience of rural medicine outside of tertiary care centres where we obtain most of our training. Working with the Distributed Education Office at Schulich, we host talks that discuss all the unique ways one can practice rurally, and (COVID-19 permitting) host group trips to local rural hospitals (i.e. Chatham, Listowel, etc.). Come learn the unique aspects of rural care and what it means to practice rural medicine!

More information contact: Kate Anne Hardacre

DE Outreach Club (DEOC)

We work with Schulich administration and stakeholders in local rural communities to increase the reach of the existing DE healthcare career exploration program (Discovery Healthcare Summer Camp) so that its benefits may be more accessible to secondary students in rural communities. We will work with rural secondary schools (i.e. principals, guidance counsellors, STEM teachers) to create novel learning opportunities for secondary students, such as interactive guest speaker workshops or virtual career fairs about different healthcare professions. With this, we hope to also provide longitudinal opportunities through mentorship and academic support from medical students. We expect that different communities/schools may have different student populations, and we aim for flexibility with our outreach initiatives to best suit their needs and interests.

More information contact: Valerie Steckle

Coming Events

Saturday Scrubs
The Distributed Education Outreach Club (DEOC) at the Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry is hosting “Saturday Scrubs” information sessions for students in Grades 9-12. “Saturday Scrubs” takes a multidisciplinary approach to health care and includes presentations from professionals involved in various aspects of patient care. Our presenters take students through a case relating to the theme of the session and discuss their roles and responsibilities in relation to the case. A brief question and answer period will follow each presentation, and students are encouraged to participate and engage with our presenters.

Our next “Saturday Scrubs” session is April 30, 2022 from 11am-12:30pm and will focus on Paediatric Medicine. Presenters from a variety of fields relating to paediatrics including a paediatric respirologist, MRT, registered dietitian and a respiratory therapist will be showcased during the session

Registration closes April 29, 2022 at 12pm.