Evaluation & Assessment

Comprehensive feedback is essential to the completion of a successful rotation. Each clerk will be given ten (10) daily evaluation forms which they should have completed by their preceptor at the end of each day. These evaluations should be retained and submitted to the specified site office on the final day of the rotation.

It is also important for each clerk to complete both the Rotation and Clinical Teacher Evaluations that are sent via One45. We appreciate all feedback and make every attempt to address any and all issues that are brought to our attention. We strive at all times to make your rotation as valuable and as engaging as possible!

Exit Interview

As part of our continuous improvement initiative, we may ask you to attend an informal exit interview on the final day of your rotation. The interview will take approximately 20 minutes and will be conducted by a site representative. Further instruction concerning time and location will be provided in your welcome email just prior to your rotation.

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