Cataract Suite Assignment


'Sim Man' at Anesthesia Bootcamp, 2014.

Many clerks have had little to no “practice” with IV insertion. The Anesthesia clerk will spend one day in the Cataract Suite at St. Joseph’s Health Care, where they will have access to multiple opportunities for assisted efforts.


  1. You will be supervised by the Anesthesiologist working in the Cataract Suite that day. They should be in the room with you when you are performing any procedures on a patient, such as IV insertion.

  2. As a general rule, you should only attempt one (1) IV insertion per patient. If you miss (which will happen), you should make sure your supervising anesthesiologist is aware and it will be left up to their discretion who will then insert the IV.

  3. You are not expected to insert every IV on your day in the Cataract Suite. If time constraints don’t allow you to insert the IV on a particular patient, move on to the next available patient.

  4. You are inserting IV’s in patients who are often extremely anxious or afraid of needles. You should discuss with your staff supervisor whether each patient is appropriate for you to attempt IV insertion on.

  5. Please follow hand hygiene practices, and ensure you wash your hands before and after each patient encounter.

  6. On occasion, you may have some blood spillage. Please make sure that you clean things up once you are done.

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