Anesthesia Bootcamp


Medical students at Anesthesia Bootcamp, 2014.

This rotation includes one day (usually the first Monday or Tuesday of your rotation) in Anesthesia Bootcamp at the CSTAR Facility in the Legacy Research Pavilion at London Health Sciences Centre. This experience will enhance your two week anesthesia rotation with an intensive and directed introduction to anesthesia in the operating room environment by providing high quality, highly realistic simulation scenarios and facilitated debriefing sessions.

During a short classroom session, students will be led through perioperative assessment, anesthetic planning, and the induction sequence, including drug selection/titration. Students will then spend the rest of the day completing selected simulations in a variety of roles with the SimMan patient, who breathes, blinks, and has a palpable pulse (carotid, radial, femoral and dorsal).

For anyone that has not been involved in a high fidelity technological simulation, the day will be one of the highlights of your rotation!

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