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Adjudication Updates due to impact of COVID-19 on Western:

The Associate Dean of Basic Medical Sciences, the Associate Dean of Science, the Manager of Academic Counselling for Science and Basic Medical Science students, the Undergraduate Chairs of the basic medical science departments, the Manager of BMSUE, and the Coordinator of BMSUE, have deliberated at length about the impact of COVID-19 on adjudication for students requesting admission to and progression in basic medical science modules.

Adjudication for students requesting admission and progression within basic medical science modules, including the Honours Specialization in Neuroscience, will be based on the final grades submitted for courses at the end of term. The majority of these grades will be numerical grades but, for some courses, either (i) all students have been assigned a PASS/FAIL grade by the instructor/department, or (ii) students have been given the choice of a numerical grade or a PASS/FAIL grade. The submission of a final grade as PASS/FAIL by an instructor/department will be referred to as a "course PASS/FAIL" grade where necessary.

Western is introducing the option for students to change a final numerical grade(s) to a PASS/FAIL (click here for details). The revision of a final numerical grade to a PASS/FAIL grade after the final grades have been submitted by instructors/departments will be referred to as a "Western PASS/FAIL" grade where applicable. The subsequent revision from a final numerical grade to a Western PASS/FAIL grade will not impact the adjudication decisions made for students requesting the Honours Specialization in Neuroscience since these students will be adjudicated on the basis of their final numerical grades. 

Information specific to the revised adjudication processes due to COVID-19 for admission to Year 2 and the progression from Years 3 to 4 for the Honours Specialization in Neursocience are available via the links below.

Below are the updates on the adjudication for the student groups below. Read these updates carefully before sending any email queries.