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Internship & Exchanges


Students entering Year 3 of the Honors Specialization in Neuroscience are encouraged to enhance their undergraduate experience by participating in the Science/Basic Medical Science Internship Program Students approved for participation in the Internship Program register in Science 3391 for which they will receive 1.0 credit (Pass/Fail) upon successful completion of the internship and all other mandatory components.  Students will attend a series of workshops, etc. during their third year and apply for one or more of the internship positions posted during the year.  If offered a position, students will work for 8-16 months and then return to Western to complete Year 4 of their BMSc degree. 

Each student who accepts an Internship placement should submit an Intent to Register for the next school year, even though they will be on a placement.  If accepted into Year 4 of an Honors Specialization module for the next school year, a spot will be held for the student for their return to Western the following year.  While on the Internship placement, students will need to submit an Intent to Register to confirm their return to Western for the following year.

International Exchange Program

Students should follows these steps, if interested in an International Exchange:

  1. Review the information on the International Exchange Program website -- check "Before You Go" for information sessions, partner universities, application process and deadlines.
  2. Contact the BMSUE Coordinator to discuss the process for having courses evaluated for transfer between the exchange institution and Western.  The "Academic Reference for Exchange" form needs to be approved by the BMSUE Coordinator and the Academic Counselling Office in WSC 191 (it will be submitted to the BMSUE Coordinator and then passed on to the Academic Counselling Office). 
  3. After meeting with the BMSUE Coordinator, consult departmental counsellors to have the courses at the exchange institution evaluated.  Review the information about Course Evaluations and Equivalencies for more details.
  4. Meet with the BMSUE Coordinator to have your Course Approvals form approved.
  5. Please Note:  It may be difficult to find equivalent courses for this module at exchange institutions as some courses, like Neuroscience 3000F/G, may be unique to Western.  Although the exchange opportunity is available for students, it may require the completion of an additional year to satisfy the modular requirements for the Honors Specialization in Neuroscience.

Upon arrival at the exchange institution, students occasionally find it necessary to revise their course selection.  Students should contact the BMSUE Coordinator if they find themselves in this situation and new courses will be evaluated/approved by sending information back to the BMSUE Coordinator and not directly to departments offering the Western courses.