About Us

Founded in 2013, the Western Undergraduate Neuroscience Society (WUNS) exists to bring together students with a passion for Neuroscience, and provide them access to a variety of resources existing both on campus and in the greater London community. The society aims to present a hands-on look into the current research and development in the field through presentations, seminars, journal clubs, workshops, laboratory tours, research positions, and volunteer opportunities. WUNS also hosts social events ranging from bowling and games nights to dinner events with some of the field's leading researchers. Through these programs and events, WUNS strives to promote the continuing quest for knowledge, the importance of getting involved and forming friendships and professional connections.


Co-Presidents: Michelle Bi, Alice Tan
VP Academic: Rakshit Sharma
VP Finance: Arianna Tan
VP Marketing/Promotions: Glenda Zhai
Director of Communications: Michelle Li
Director of Graphics Design: Azeen Babar
Director of Web Design: Karan Chahal
First Year Reps: Karan Chahal, Abbey Young
Second Year Reps: Jasnoor Kalsi, Anastasia Nikolik
Third Year Reps: Keligne Mutambayi, Sreethan Vuppala
Fourth Year Rep: Emiko Osborne


Academics: End of Year Gala (Dinner with a Prof), Course Review Sessions, Research Workshops, Neuroscience Information Sessions

Socials: All-Year Socials, Movie Nights, Fundraisers

Western Talks Science: Annual end of year semi-formal dinner and social gala that brings together faculty and students to talk about innovative research


Prep101 (Preferred PreMed Partner)
The Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry