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Student Finances


Graduate students pay tuition 3 times per year; at the start of each term. Current tuition rates, payment methods and refund schedules are posted on the SGPS website.

*NEW* September 2018: International PhD students will pay the same tuition rates as a Domestic student.

Detailed tuition accounts are available through your online Student Center account.


Most students can expect to receive minimum annual funding to cover the cost of tuition which could include (pending eligibility) a Western Graduate Research Scholarship (WGRS), Graduate Teaching Assistantship (GTA); as well as a stipend supplied by their supervisor grant account (GRA). Students are guaranteed funding for the following periods of time (if academic progression and eligibility requirements are met)

MSc students: 6 terms (2 years)
PhD students: 12 terms (4 years)
PhD students (Roll-Over & Direct Entry): 15 terms (5 years)

As an Interdisciplinary program, individual students funding packages are based on the supervisors home department and or/Faculty. While funding packages will vary amongst students in the program, you can expect to receive a similar funding package to other students within the same lab.

We have provided general funding information below, but please direct specific questions to the Program Coordinator in Neuroscience.

Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry

This will include Supervisors with primary appointments in ACB, Biochemistry, CNS, Medical Imaging, Medical Biophysics, Microbiology and Immunology, Pediatrics and Physiology &

Effective May 1, 2019 (new students)
MSc students (domestic) – minimum funding of $18,000/year (No TA)
MSc students (international) - minimum funding of $25,800/year (No TA)
PhD students (domestic) – minimum funding of $27,099/year*
*If GTA application deadlines are missed, the funding package may be reduced
PhD students (international) – minimum funding will cover tuition + $13,000 (TA not guaranteed)

Faculty of Social Science

This will include Supervisors with a primary appointment in Psychology

Effective September 1, 2019
MSc students (domestic) – minimum funding of $25,676/year
MSc students (international) - minimum funding of $36,676/year
PhD students – minimum funding of $26,676/year

Faculty of Science

This will include Supervisors with a primary appointment in Computer Science and Biology (see Department websites for financial information)

Faculty of Health Science

This will include Supervisors with a primary appointment in Communication Science & Disorders, Health and Rehabilitation Sciences and Kinesiology

Effective September 1, 2019
MSc students (Domestic and International) - a minimum of $6,672.85/year
PhD students - Tuition + $13,000/year

Scholarships and Awards

We strongly encourage all of our students to apply for external funding to not only enhance your CV*, but also supplement your funding package. Details regarding Provincial and National scholarships (including those available for International students) are available on the SGPS website. Other awards may be available through the home Faculty of your supervisor or external organizations.

Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry
Faculty of Social Science

If awarded a scholarship, please contact the Program Coordinator to determine how your overall funding package will be adjusted.

*We recommend that you follow the format of this sample CV, unless specific criteria are listed in the award application.

NEW Fall 2019 - if you're applying for CIHR Doctoral, NSERC Doctoral, CGSM, OGS, the Jonathan and Joshua Memorial Scholarship or the Harold Brett Memorial Fellowship, you must complete our Student Award Information Sheet.

Cost of Living

In addition to annual tuition, it's important to consider other living costs that you will incur.  This can help ensure that you will have enough funds to cover your expenses during your time at Western.  Your funding package will only cover a portion of your expenses.  Creating a personal budget before arrival will help ensure that you're well prepared.

Financial Assistance

Still in need of Financial Assistance?
Western Society of Graduate Students (SOGS) offers a variety of financial support programs
• You may be eligible for OSAP. Contact the Financial Aid Office with inquiries.