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Why Graduate School?

A graduate education helps advance your knowledge in a particular field(s), fostering your intellect and enabling you to apply your research to the benefit of society.

Career Advantages

  • A graduate degree increases your competitiveness in the job market
  • Unemployment rates are historically lowest among those with graduate degrees
  • Average weekly income is highest among those who hold graduate degrees
  • Canada needs many more highly educated personnel in order to compete within the global economy
  • 35% more master’s and PhD graduates will be required over the next decade
  • Graduate degrees help keep training and skills current, increasing eligibility for career advancement

Academic Advantages

  • Provides the opportunity for in-depth exploration, collaboration and the intellectual satisfaction of discovering and acquiring new knowledge
  • Become an expert in your field
  • Work closely with world-class researchers in your area of interest
  • Contribute to important research and discoveries
  • Improve your C.V. or resume by publishing in journals and presenting your work at academic and professional conferences
  • Contribute within academia as a researcher or professor

Own Your Future is the first curriculum-based professional development program in Canada, and is designed to complement doctoral students academic studies by preparing them for their future careers. The program supports development of six core competencies, all of which are essential to current and emerging careers for doctoral graduates.

Through Own Your Future, doctoral students will develop insight into their current skill set, focus their ongoing development on personally relevant outcomes, and learn to articulate and apply their strengths and abilities to their career goals. The program empowers students to take charge of their future by providing opportunities to develop the skills most relevant to their personal career aspirations.