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The Society of Neuroscience Graduate Students (SONGS) is a student-run organization founded in 2017 that aims:

•To unite and foster a sense of social, academic and scientific community among graduate students from different departments enrolled in the Neuroscience Graduate Program at Western University;
•To provide Neuroscience graduate students at Western University a recognized organization through which they may express their needs and their opinions;
•To represent Neuroscience graduate students at all administrative and political levels at Western University;
•To organize and support initiatives that will serve scientific, academic, and social purposes to further create and promote a well-rounded and positive graduate student experience for all SONGS members.

SONGS works closely with the Neuroscience Graduate Program Director, Student Representative, and administrative staff. For more information about SONGS and their upcoming events visit:

• Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter (@SONGSuwo)!

Note: The SONGS organization is not officially affiliated with Western University, though it operates with the permission of and in coordination with faculty members within the Neuroscience Graduate Program of Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry.