Connect with a BMSUE Coordinator

Please note that the Academic Counselling Office for Science and Basic Medical Science students is responsible for queries about struggling with University adjustment, the impact of course selection and academic performance on eligibility for modules and degrees, accommodation for missed coursework, etc.

Roles and responsibilities of the BMSUE Coordinators:

The BMSUE (Basic Medical Sciences Undergraduate Education) Coordinators are NOT academic advisors and have different roles and responsibilities.

Why do students contact the BMSUE Coordinators?

  • general information about the BMSc Program and the modules offered within BMSc
  • information about admission to, progression in, and the courses required for the Neuroscience program
  • whether requirements to progress to Medical Sciences 2, to be admitted to Year 3 BMSc, etc., are satisfied
  • questions about access to basic medical science courses (priorities, restrictions, reserved spaces)
  • issues about registration for basic medical science courses
  • advice about which modules to select during Intent to Register
  • international exchange
  • eligibility to graduate (BMSc and Neuroscience programs, only)

Who are the BMSUE Coordinators and how do students contact/see them:

Jen Chambers, BMSUE Coordinator (Interdisciplinary Studies), supports students in Medical Sciences 1 and 2, IMS modules (Honours Specialization and Specialization) and Neuroscience modules, as well as Major in Medical Sciences. 

To connect with Jen:

Kathy Boon, BMSUE Coordinator, supports students in Medical Sciences 2, and Years 3 and 4 BMSc (but not Honours Specialization/Specialization in IMS).

To connect with Kathy:

BOOK an individual Zoom appointment:

Individual Zoom appointments are 15 minutes in duration - quickly review the Notes and Details below before you book with one of the BMSUE Coordinators - and a maximum of one appointment can be booked each month. Unfortunately, there are no appointments during the May adjudication period - check back in early June.

Notes about booking an appointment:

  • student number and uwo email address must be provided when booking an appointment
  • appointments must be booked at least 24 hours in advance
  • students may not book more than one appointment per month. Students who book multiple appointments will be asked to cancel one or more of them.
  • the time/zone must be set to Canada/Eastern when booking an appointment.
  • students who wish to cancel their bookings are strongly encouraged to cancel/decline their booking at least two days prior to their appointment. This will allow for other students to book in that timeslot.

Details about your virtual (Zoom) appointment:

  • you will receive an email message the day prior to your appointment, indicating the Zoom link for the appointment
  • if the BMSUE Coordinator is running late for the Zoom meeting, then stay in the meeting and the coordinator will join as soon as possible. The coordinator will still spend 15 minutes with you in the Zoom meeting.
  • if you are late to the meeting, then the BMSUE Coordinator will wait for ~ 5 minutes. If you have not joined the Zoom meeting within ~ 5 minutes of the start time, then the coordinator will likely leave the meeting

Should you book a Zoom meeting with Jen or with Kathy?


Jen Chambers:

  • Medical Sciences 1 and 2
  • Interdisciplinary Medical Sciences (IMS) - including the Combined BMSc (IMS)/HBA Program
  • Major Medical Sciences
  • Neuroscience

Kathy Boon

  • Medical Sciences 2
  • Years 3 and 4 BMSc, but not Honours and Specialization in IMS
  • Double Majors in BMSc: see Kathy