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Neuroscience 9500A/B: Principles of Neuroscience (half credit)

An integrated survey course covering the major principles of neuroscience, from the molecular events within neurons, through the functional architecture of the nervous system, to the relationship between brain and behaviour. This is mandatory for first year neuroscience students, who are required to enrol in this course at the beginning of their full-time enrolment. The course is team taught by members of the Neuroscience Program. Notes and study materials for each lecture are posted weekly on the course website. Students are graded on the basis of their performance on written essay-question examinations.

Neuroscience 9510-9514: Neuroscience Seminar Course (half credit)

A weekly series of talks by students and by invited experts in neuroscience from outside the university (about monthly). Students will be required to enroll in this course in each academic year of their full-time enrollment. The course will include presentations by all students registered in the program, in which each individual presents an annual update on their graduate research.

Neuroscience 9600: Comprehensive Examination for PhD candidates

The comprehensive examination must be undertaken within the first 18 months of registration in the PhD program. The purpose of the Comprehensive Exam is to evaluate the student’s knowledge of his field of research and related fields, the ability to critically reflect on different experimental approaches, to link different concepts and to conduct research at the level of a PhD student. There are two alternative forms of comprehensive examination that each student can choose from in consultation with the supervisor and advisory committee.

Option 1: a Classic Comprehensive Examination or Option 2: a Grant Writing Exercise.  

Full details on the Comprehensive exams can be viewed by clicking here.

Optional Graduate Courses

The following neuroscience-related courses are offered by various departments, however, not always in the current academic year. You must contact each department to obtain information on courses currently being offered. This list is not exclusive. Additional courses may be included from other disciplines such as biochemistry, molecular biology, immunology, or mathematics.

Anatomy 9540 - Research Methods in Anatomy (website)
Anatomy 9541-9550 - Special Topics in Anatomy (including histochemistry)
Anatomy 9550 - Advanced Topics in Integrative Neuroscience
Anatomy 9569b - Clinical Neuroanatomy
Biochemistry 9524a - Membrane Biochemistry
Biophysics 9561a - Bioelectrical Phenomena
Biostatistics 9509a/b - Biostatistics 1
*Computer Science 9869b - Analysis of brain imaging data
Kinesiology 9466a - Special Topics: Exercise Neuroscience (not offered Fall 2016)
Neuroscience 9551a - Integrative Neuroscience
Psychology 9040a - Scientific Computing
Psychology 9041b - Introduction to Statistics
Psycholgy 9343a - Mathematical Modeling of Group and Individual Differences
*Statistical Science 9833b - Analysis of brain imaging data

*Cross-listed course