Vision & Strategic Initiatives

The WIIIC is a multi-site, trans-faculty, multidisciplinary centre based at Western University, London, Ontario, focused on consolidating our city-wide expertise in the fields of infectious, immune-mediated and inflammatory disease. WIIIC fosters collaborative basic and clinical research efforts to improve human health through an integrated and comprehensive approach to knowledge generation and translation that includes a One Health/Global Heath approach that supports equity, diversity, and inclusiveness. The vision of the WIIIC is that bringing together basic scientists and clinicians will catalyze new collaborations and teams that will enable us to respond in a timely manner to emerging infectious, immunological, and inflammatory challenges. This integrated approach will facilitate translating new knowledge into improved clinical standards of care, commercial applications, public policy, and to the public. WIIIC promotes and advances these goals through recruitment, retention, coordination, and infrastructure support across academic and hospitals centers in London, Ontario.

Researchers with an interest or expertise in infection, immune-mediated and inflammatory disease, dysbiosis, immune homeostasis, tissue injury and repair, vaccine development, transplant medicine, probiotics, and other related fields are encouraged to join WIIIC.

The strategic initiatives for the WIIIC are:

  1. Bring together London researchers within the areas of infection, immunity, and inflammation.

  2. Improve communication and collaboration between clinicians and researchers in different basic and clinical departments and faculties.

  3. Foster new collaborative transdisciplinary teams of basic scientists and clinicians which also draw on the perspective of social scientists, the law, and the public at large.

  4. Identify research and funding opportunities in these areas through fostering a culture of “funding preparedness”.