Departmental Counselling

Information concerning our courses and the program is available from this site, if you cannot find the answers, a member of the Undergraduate Education Committee would be pleased to assist you: email, add “counselling request” in the subject line).

Science & BMSc Academic Counselling

Counsellors focus their expertise on critical areas to address those issues of greatest importance to our students, so they can proactively support your academic journey toward the degree of your choice.

Academic Counselling is here to help you with the challenges you may face during your academic career at Western including:

  • Struggling with University adjustment
  • Advising about the impact of course selection and academic performance on eligibility for modules and degrees
  • Accommodation for missed coursework
  • Processing of requests for increased or irregular course load
  • Advising transfer students
  • Requests for Letter of Permission (taking courses at another university)
  • Advising students on probation or grade point waiver
  • Change of status, including withdrawal from the University, transfer from another Faculty
  • General inquiries and support

Health and Wellness Counselling