Professional Development

Professional development is a critical part of any Postdoc appointment. At Western University there are opportunities to attend workshops and activities that will develop the skills of the scholar and benefit their future career.

The Competitive Edge Program (CEP) offers a comprehensive set of opportunities for postdoctoral scholars that allow them to develop a competitive advantage by strengthening their CVs and maximizing their opportunities within the global job market. More information on this program can be found here.

The Centre for teaching and learning (CTL) offers workshops, courses and eLearning which can be of huge benefit to a postdoc during their time at Western and going forward into their career. More information about the CTL can be found here.

The Postdoctoral association at Western (PAW) runs regular workshops for Postdocs on all aspects of professional development. If you are interested in attending these workshops or have a workshop you would like to see run, please contact PAW. More information can be found here.