CSCI Resident Research Award

Resident Research Prize

The Canadian Society for Clinical Investigation and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CSCI/CIHR) provide an annual prize for the best resident research project conducted during a RCPSC/CFPC training program at each Canadian medical school.  Residents registered with the Postgraduate Medical Education Office in one of Western University postgraduate training programs or the CIP Program are eligible to apply. Excellence in research papers will be the sole criterion for selection of prize winners. To qualify, the research must have been conducted during residency (PGY1-6) at Western University.  Fellows are not eligible for these prizes.  The PSI Foundation Award is no longer available.

For further details about the CSCI Resident Research Award visit the Canadian Society for Clinical Investigation and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research.

The Postgraduate Medical Education Committee has established a subcommittee to select successful papers submitted by residents for this prize. The Committee consists of:
  • Associate Dean, Postgraduate Medical Education or Designate, Chair
  • Two members of the Postgraduate Education Committee
    • One representing the medical specialties
    • One representing the surgical specialties
  • One medical resident
  • One Hospital Director of Medical Research
  • One University representative selected by the Associate Dean, Research

Deadline for submissions is Sunday, June 2, 2024.

Residents who have conducted research, presented a paper or submitted research for publication during their residency training PGY1-6, should submit one electronic copy of that paper or text of the presentation, together with a one-page “lay summary” to provide a brief explanation of the research project and its significance.  Your application should be emailed to and should include the following address:

Dr. Lois Champion
Associate Dean, Postgraduate Medical Education
Health Sciences Addition, Room H124
Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry
Western University

Abstracts will not suffice. The submission must be accompanied by a statement from the resident’s supervisor outlining the resident’s role in the design, conduct and reporting of the research. Please provide this office with the electronic copy of this statement.  Only one submission per resident will be accepted each year and the same paper is not eligible in subsequent years.  Each resident will be eligible for only one CSCI prize during their residency training; past winners may not apply again. There will be no limit on any single program. Award winners will be notified by the PGME office when a decision has been made.

Please direct any questions regarding this award to the PGME Office,