PARO Trust Fund Resident Teaching Award

The PARO Trust Fund makes an annual $1000 award to each of the five Ontario Medical schools. The awards are to honour residents who have provided outstanding clinical teaching experiences to junior housestaff and clinical clerks. The winners will be honoured at the time of the PARO Clinical Teacing Awards Banquet, the date of which is yet to be determined.

  1. The deadline for nominations is Monday, January 31, 2022.

    All applications should be e-mailed in electronic format to the PGME office to

  2. Nominations are requested via a special notice to Program Directors of Postgraduate Programs/Departments at Western University. Nominations may come from junior housestaff, and clinical clerks.

  3. Nominations should include the name of the resident who must be currently registered with the Postgraduate Medical Education Office at Western, (clinical/research fellows are not eligible for this award), reasons why the nominee is being recommended for the award as well as how the resident has demonstrated excellence in clinical teaching.

  4. The nomination should be accompanied by a letter of support from the resident’s Program Director in electronic format. Each program will forward one nomination to the Postgraduate Medical Education Office by the deadline specified.

  5. The Selection Committee will consist of:

    Chair-The Associate Dean, Postgraduate Medical Education
    Program Director Representative
    Postgraduate Medical Education Committee
    PARO Resident Representative
    Undergraduate Medical Education Representative