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Our Debt to Martin J. Bass

It is important to acknowledge the impact of the loss to the Graduate Studies Program incurred by the death of Dr. Martin Bass in July of 1996 . Dr. Bass was a former Director of the Graduate Studies Program and held the position of professor in the Departments of Family Medicine and Epidemiology and Biostatistics. At the time of his death he was the Director of the Centre for Studies in Family Medicine and the Thames Valley Family Practice Research Unit.

His role as a family physician researcher was a major strength of the program - he was a model for all of us to emulate. He served as supervisor for many of the students' research projects and theses over the years and has had a major impact on the development of family practice research around the world. The faculty has resolved to preserve and strengthen the vision that Dr. Bass had for this program. His memory and previous contributions have had a lasting impact on those of us who continue to be involved in the program.