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The future of family medicine starts with community-based teaching faculty

Dr. Dale Ziter

Community-based teaching faculty are one of the most important pillars of the Department of Family Medicine at Western University. For many medical students you are the ‘face of family medicine.’

Our community teaching faculty and their many contributions are regularly recognized and celebrated by both students and the wider university community.

Undergraduate Teaching Opportunities:

Pre-Clerkship Students (Year 1 and 2):

Clerkship and Elective Students (Year 3 and 4):

Postgraduate Teaching Opportunities:

Benefits of Becoming Involved in Medical Education

From more information on community teaching faculty opportunities please contact:

Undergraduate teaching opportunities:

Dr. Darren VanDam, Undergraduate Director
t. 519.661.2037

Ms. Michele Vanderspank, Undergraduate Coordinator
t. 519.661.2037 Ext. 86683

Postgraduate teaching opportunities:

Dr. Jamie Wickett, Postgradute Director
t. 519.661.2037

Ms. Kelsey Klages, Postgraduate Education Coordinator
t. 519.661.2037 Ext. 89215

Faculty appointment information:

Dr. Stephen Wetmore, Chair
t. 519.661.2037 Ext. 82037

Ms. Linda Gough
t. 519.661.2037 Ext. 86609