Year 4 & ITD2

5420 Clinical Practice

This clinically based course encompasses all clinical patient care provided by dental students under direct supervision in all areas of dentistry.
up to 732 Clinical Hours

5429 Integrated Restorative

This course integrates concepts and procedures related to endodontics, operative dentistry and prosthodontics.
Lectures 34 hours

5445 Oral Medicine

Oral Medicine and Forensic Odontology -12 hours;
Psychology 8 hours;
Diagnosis Seminar 8 hours

5446 (Year IV) Oral Radiology

These on-line case based seminars provide practical interpretive experience of various diseases including inflammation, benign and malignant processes.  The approach to interpretation and development of differential diagnosis is emphasized.
Seminars 6 hours

5448 Oral Surgery

A series of case based presentations review a variety of complex clinical problem solving and patient management scenarios.
Lectures Oral Surgery 13 hours

5452 Periodontics

Emphasis is placed on treatment planning for periodontal patients and continued clinical treatment of these patients.  Students are introduced to some of the more advanced treatment procedures including periodontal flap-approach surgery.
Seminars 12 hours

5462 Orthodontics and Paediatric Dentistry

The lecture course is designed to prepare the student to undertake more advanced treatment procedures which may include fixed orthodontic techniques, treatment of the special patient, experience with sedation and general anesthesia modalities of treatment.
Lectures 14 hours