SPEA event focuses on patient management

SPEA_880x300.pngEUNICE PARK , Dentistry Class of 2023

The Student Professionalism and Ethics Association (SPEA) kicked off the year with a great event: featuring Dr. W. Keven Hockley, a full-time Clinical Assistant Professor at the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry.  

Hockley drew from his professional and personal experience, as well as the countless hours he has spent working with students for his presentation, which was entitled: GREAT EXPECATIONS – A Novel Approach to Patient Management.

Students heard various anecdotes and case examples and learned key strategies in effectively communicating with patients. During the presentation, Hockley also shared the importance of establishing boundaries, building trust, and communicating expectations proactively. The event had an incredible turnout with students across Years 1-4 eager to join in on the conversation.   

Following the presentation, students asked questions covering a wide range of topics from strategies to discuss costs of treatments with patients to managing patients who may be insistent on receiving a certain treatment.

The event, which had a strong turnout with students from across all four years provided a wonderful opportunity for students to walk away with concrete skills they can implement in future interactions with patients.    

This year, the SPEA hopes to continue its efforts in making discussions around ethics and professionalism feel fun, relevant, and applicable to students. They are extremely grateful for the continued support and guidance of current and past faculty advisor and ACD Liaison, Dr. Karin Van Ryswyk and Dr. Paul Romanson, as well as the hard work and enthusiasm of the current members of their chapter: Eunice Park, Iva Keran, Caitlin Sherry, Class of 2023, Tanisha Goel, Class of 2024, Sanaya Engineer, Stella Peng, Shelly Lee, Class of 2025.  

Eunice Park 
DDS Candidate 2023 
Western University SPEA Chapter President 2021-22 
SPEA Regent of Canada 2021-22 

Sanaya Engineer 
DDS Candidate 2025 
Western University SPEA Chapter Communications Representative 2021-22