Adjunct Faculty Profile - New Faces

September 2022

We are excited to share that there are several new faces in the clinics this fall. This month, we introduce you to four Western grads who have returned to the Schulich community.

Eddie PhamDr. Eddie Pham joins us from the Class of 2018. He has experience as a teaching assistant in microbiology, anatomy, and biochemistry, but this will be his first time teaching clinical dentistry and he is looking forward to seeing how he can be part of shaping future clinicians.

Dr. Pham’s favourite memory of his time in Schulich Dentistry is convocation. “As cliché as it sounds,” he said, “convocation was such a memorable day where students can reflect on their growth as a dental professional, be excited for the first steps in the real world and have a bittersweet reminder of their time at Schulich.”

Dr. Wayne Little graduated in 1982, which he proudly informed us is “the best class ever.” Wayne Little

His favourite memory of dental school is working in the Urgent Care clinic between his third and fourth year. Dr. Kogan and Dr. Dunn stood out in his memory for “putting things in perspective.” They taught him that “the competition is over, and our job was to take the best care of our patients by becoming good dentists and to continue to learn from reputable sources.”

Dr. Little has been actively involved in training water safety, first aid, and lifeguard instructors and was also involved in program development for Canadian Red Cross. Inspired to teach by the mentorship opportunities he has had over the years, Dr. Little is most looking forward to sharing and growing in a supportive group setting.

Carolyn MasonDr. Carolyn Mason looks forward to sharing 37 years of clinical experience with students. She graduated from Western in 1985 and received additional designations from University of Toronto (Perio) and Ivey Business School (eMBA) in 1990 and 2006, respectively.

Dr. Mason’s favourite professors were Dr. George Wysocki and Dr. Tom Daley. “They made Oral Pathology fun,” she told us.


Dr. Michelle Gauthier also singled out Dr. Tom Daley as a favourite professor, as well as the entire Oral Pathology group, but she added that she could not leave out Drs. Manny and Clive Friedman for their excellent teaching in endodontics and paediatric dentistry.

Michelle Gauthier

Her favourite memory of dental school was the 2007 class as a whole, especially “the great camaraderie, skit night, and all the fun social aspects that balanced the demands of the program.”

Dr. Gauthier has always enjoyed teaching and mentorship, since the time she spent in the paediatric orthodontic clinic in 2009. Her inspiration has come from teachers who were role models and created a positive environment for her. “I thrive on positivity,” she said. “To me, the best way to learn is to give students a positive welcoming environment and be approachable.”

When asked what she is most looking forward to, Dr. Gauthier shared that she hopes to teach the students “pearls of wisdom” and techniques she has picked up in clinical and patient education throughout her 15 years of private practice. “I am a solo owner of a very busy practice,” she told us, adding that she spends a lot of time taking extensive continuing education. “I have a passion for learning and teaching!”