Schulich Dentistry launches introductory research methods modules

The new Introduction to Dental Research virtual learning modules offer an opportunity for students to gain specific knowledge and access to resources that support their research activities. 

Dr. Nedra Peter, Adjunct Clinical Professor, Dentistry, says she and Dr. Sharat Pani, Assistant Professor, Paediatric Dentistry and Summer Dentistry Opportunity Research Program (SDROP) Co-ordinator, were inspired to develop these modules to help bridge the research knowledge gap among students.

Dentistry learners come from a variety of undergraduate backgrounds, with varying levels of research experience. Since the dental curriculum does not formally include a research methods component, the modules can support students in strengthening their understanding of key research concepts.

Six of the eight planned modules are currently live for students to explore on OWL, covering topics related to key research skills, such as how to conduct statistical analysis, designing and analyzing research questionnaires, data presentation and reporting results, as well as conducting interviews and focus groups. 

Through video content, suggested readings and case studies, learners can explore the content at their own pace. Each module finishes with a recorded message from Peter and Pani, discussing the topics covered and offering their insights. Learners are encouraged to customize the experience to their own needs, picking and choosing topics related to their interests and needs.

Currently, all SDROP participants have been enrolled in the available modules in preparation for their research projects. However, all learners are welcome to register, by contacting