Staffing Announcement

Andrew Mooser

Andrew Mooser has joined us as our new Facilities and Supply Supervisor.

He has a dual reporting relationship with the Manager of Clinic Operations and Kevin Inchley, Associate Director of Facilities for Schulich and will be our liaison with both the Schulich and central Western Facilities Management teams.

Andrew leads our logistics and supply operations, also ensures that our equipment and facilities are positioned to support the needs of our clinical and pre-clinical programs. Andrew provides leadership to the Dental Supply team and technical teams. In his role, Andrew will be working with his team to identify opportunities to improve our systems and processes in support of our educational mandate.

Sydney Van Meerbergen

Sydney Van Meerbergen has joined our clinical team as an Infection Control Coordinator.

Reporting to Manager of Clinic Operations, and working closely with Dr. Rae Dorion, Assistant Director of Clinical affairs, she will lead our infection control portfolio and will work with us to improve our policies, procedures, and protocols, and will support the daily infection control operations of our various clinics. Additionally, Sydney will be heavily involved in developing and delivering training for faculty, staff and students related to infection prevention and control.