Dentistry student returns from Dental Mission Trip in Dominican Republic

 Mission TripAdib Dehghany (Class of 2021) returned from La Romana, Dominican Republic where he participated in a volunteer dental trip to the under-served Haitian refugee populations.

This trip was attended by a dental team including 2 dentists (Dr. Shahram Yazdani UWO Class of 2009) and 6 hygienists. The group was able to serve 111 patients in the 4 clinic days.

 According to Adib, “The clinical experience was truly invaluable. From fillings to extractions and cleanings to fluoride varnishes, there was desperate need for dental care. What opened my eyes that week was the gap in access to care within small villages a couple of kilometres from each other. Beyond dentistry, at the emotional level, the value was unquantifiable. Spending time with the youth in the community after clinic even though there was a language barrier was really nice. When dentistry is done for no compensation I believe that is when it’s the most fulfilling.”

Here is a link to a 5 minute video he made summarizing the trip.