Peter Sabiri, DDS 2021 presents at the 2019 Hinman Student Research Symposium in Memphis

Peter SabiriThe Hinman Student Research Symposium is a national meeting that showcases research in the field of dentistry by dental students, residents and graduate trainees from over 60 dental schools across North America. 

Peter Sabiri was chosen to represent the Schulich Dentistry Research Program at the prestigious Hinman Student Research Symposium in Memphis, Tennessee November 1-3. Peter (supervised by Dr. Doug Hamilton), was awarded this opportunity during Schulich Dentistry’s Annual Research Day by placing in the top 3 poster presentations.

During the symposium, Peter gave a poster presentation on his research work entitled: ‘Epsilon Sarcoglycan: a Potential Mediator of Fibroblast Cell Adhesion’.

Peter wanted to thank “Dr. Douglas Hamilton and all the members of the Hamilton lab as well as the Schulich Dentistry Research Program and the Ontario Dental Association for giving me this incredible opportunity. It has certainly expanded my interest in dental research. The Hinman Student Research Symposium gave me the rare opportunity to share my research with students and faculty from across North America and to explore different areas of research in the rapidly evolving field of dentistry. It was amazing and motivating to see some of the work that my colleagues from across America have been working on.”