Three-dimensional solutions

Schulich Dentistry researchers are developing novel applications of three-dimensional (3D) printing for use in cranio-facial reconstruction. Amin Rizkalla, PhD, PEng, is the principal investigator and he is working with a team of people, including Yara Hosein, PhD, Drs. Joe Armstrong and Henry Lapointe, as well as David Holdsworth, PhD, to determine how 3D printing can be utilized to develop porous titanium constructs for craniofacial reconstruction. They are hoping that their research will help to solve a large problem in current craniofacial reconstruction methods. 

Working closely with clinicians, Rizkalla has set out to design a titanium metal device that is porous and has a bone-like firmness. The hope is that craniofacial reconstruction implants can be optimized and avoid issues associated with stress shielding.

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