Oct 10 - Schulich Dentistry Annual Research Day

Join Schulich Dentistry on Research Day featuring student poster presentations (1:00 pm) and the 16th John T. Hamilton Distinguished Lecture (2:30 pm).

hargreaves16th John T. Hamilton Distinguished Lecturer:

Kenneth M. Hargreaves, DDS, PhD
Professor and Chair, Department of Endodontics
University of Texas Health Science Centre at
San Antonio School of Dentistry
presenting …
PAIN CONTROL: From Current Therapy to NextGen Analgesics

Objectives of the Seminar:
1. Describe a fast and efficient routine for managing dental pain emergency patients
2. Select the best combination of analgesics to manage dental pain
3. Describe new areas of pain research

Synopsis of the seminar - This evidence-based seminar is designed to provide effective and practical strategies for managing acute dental pain emergencies. The latest information on NSAIDS, acetaminophen-containing analgesics and local anesthetics will be provided with the objective of having immediate application to your next patient emergency. In addition, we will discuss the discovery of “endo-capsaicins” and the role they play in mediating acute and chronic pain. Discovery of these oxidized lipids has led to the development of novel classes of analgesic drugs.

Areas of expertise: Analgesics, Clinical Therapeutics in Endodontics, Hyperalgesia, Inflammation, Pain

Time: 1:00-2:00pm -1 CE point
Location: Dental Sciences Building - Skeletal Biology Laboratories (DSB - Lower Ground Floor)
Approximately 30 research posters are presented by Dental, Grad Ortho, and Graduate Basic Science Students

Time: 2:30-4:00 pm -1 CE point
Presented by: Dr. Ken Hargreaves
Location: Auditorium A - LHSC University Campus

View Dentistry Research DayDentistry classes and clinics are cancelled for the afternoon to allow all Dental students, faculty and staff to attend the lecture and Research Day.

All are welcome!   Each event qualifies for 1 Continuing Education Point