Acute Critical Care Training Through Simulation (ACCTTS)

Dr. Richard Cherry

Program Director


High fidelity simulation is quickly becoming the training modality of choice for high acuity specialties such as anesthesia, critical care, emergency medicine, and surgery. In addition to the animation of existing anesthesia curriculum and the evaluation of medical expert roles, our simulation program also focuses on training crisis resource management skills including leadership, delegation, situation awareness and communication. The program offers simulated experiences to a broad variety of groups in addition to undergraduate and postgraduate anesthesia trainees. Residents from almost every medical and surgical specialty are exposed to simulator training sessions in this program during their critical care rotation. The anesthesia simulator program also provides multidisciplinary group training sessions to high performance teams such as the Critical Care Outreach Team.

The simulation program operates out of CSTAR (Canadian Surgical Technologies and Advanced Robotics) in the Legacy Research Pavilion at the London Health Sciences Centre.