Skin to Skin: A Modern Approach to Caesarean Delivery

Elsaharty A, McConachie I.

Skin to skin: A modern approach to caesarean delivery. J Obstet Anaesth Crit Care 2017;7:13-9


Skin to skin care (SSC) after childbirth has been practiced for many years and has become part of the standard of care in many Neonatal ICUs. SSC during Cesarean Delivery is also increasingly popular in many countries. Some of the available literature have concerns regarding methodology but, overall, SSC provides benefits to the neonate in the form of maintained temperature homeostasis, cardiovascular and metabolic stability and less irritability. For the mother there is increased satisfaction, improved breastfeeding and improved bonding with her child. SSC is safe but vigilance must be maintained during SSC as there are potential risks of sudden postnatal collapse due to airway obstruction and asphyxia. There is little information in the Anesthesia literature concerning SSC. Implications for Anesthesia care providers and for Operating Room organisation are discussed.

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