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New case report by Drs. Kyle Fisher (PGY3), Fatemah Qasem (OB Fellow), Pod Armstrong and Ian McConachie

Int J Obstetric Anesth. 2016 Feb. [Article in Press]

Anesthetic considerations in a parturient with Freeman-Sheldon syndrome

Fisher K (PGY3), Qasem F (OB Fellow), Armstrong P, McConachie I


Freeman-Sheldon syndrome is a rare genetic disorder characterized by malformations of the face, oral cavity and musculoskeletal system. This case report describes the anesthetic management of a parturient with Freeman-Sheldon syndrome, kyphoscoliosis and a cardiac pacemaker for a cesarean delivery and tubal ligation. With a predicted difficult airway, our team decided to provide a combined spinal-epidural anesthetic. Problems encountered included difficult intravenous access, failure to identify the subarachnoid space and patient discomfort during surgery.


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