Department Resident Research sees awards and honours in 2015

Dr. Farah Manji and Dr. Jordan Leitch

Dr. Farah Manji (left, PGy4), and Dr. Jordan Leitch (PGy1) at the 2015 CAS Resident Research Competition

This year’s Annual Meeting of the Canadian Anesthesiologists’ Society (CAS) was in Ottawa, Ontario, from June 19-22nd. Department faculty, residents, and fellows presented their research, participated in panels and symposiums, and led specialty workshops. In addition to all the participation, there was plenty of academic competition as well.

The Resident Research Competition was held on Monday morning, June 20th, at which our department was represented by Dr. Jordan Leitch (PGy1), and Dr. Farah Manji (PGy4). Hopes were notably high going in to the competition as 2015 has been a tremendous year of research accolades for both Drs. Leitch and Manji.

Dr. Leitch was presenting her research, “FMRI of peripheral neuropathic pain in the human spinal cord and brainstem.” This project had already garnered a great deal of attention, placing second at the Mac-Western Resident Research Day competition on Friday June 12th, and also winning in the Pain section at this year’s Midwest Anesthesia Resident’s Conference (MARC), in April.

The Department is thrilled to announce that the momentum continued for Dr. Leitch's  peripheral neuropathic pain project at the CAS, where she was awarded 2nd place at the awards ceremony on June 20th after a fantastic presentation at the Residents’ Research Competition earlier that morning.

Dr. Leitch was joined on the awards stage by Dr. Manji, who won third place for her research presentation, “Perceptions and Practice of Intraoperative Handovers: A Survey,” coauthored by Dr. Andreas Antoniou and Dr. Richard Cherry. Dr. Manji was first to present and delivered an excellent presentation, subsequently setting the bar incredibly high for her fellow competitors.

Dr. Manji’s third place win at the CAS Resident Research Competition comes on the heels of the Department’s Resident Research Award, which she was awarded in early June. This award was presented to Dr. Manji on behalf of the Department Faculty and Administration in recognition of her excellence in research and contribution to the study of anesthesia during her residency.

This has been a remarkable year for academic achievement on the part of our department residents. Drs. Hesham Youssef, Don Nguyen, Amanda Jasudavisius, Colin Phillips, and Jennifer Smallwood all presented outstanding research at MARC, Mac-Western Resident Research Day, and the CAS.

We would like to sincerely congratulate all of our presenters and award winners - it certainly has been a fantastic year and futures in research and academia are very bright!

More Photos

Dr. Don Nguyen

Dr. Don Nguyen with his research poster, "Onset of Labor Epidural Analgesia with Low Dose Bupivacaine and Different Doses of Fentanyl," at MARC 2015

Dr. Jennifer Smallwood

Dr. Jennifer Smallwood and her research poster, "Effects of Distending Pressure on Lung, Chest Wall, and Total Respiratory System Viscoelasticity," at MARC 2015.

Dr. Hasham Youssef

Dr. Hesham Youssef and his research poster, "Sedation for Emergency Percuetaneous Coronary Interventions," at MARC 2015