2015 McMaster-Western Research "Exchange" Day: program, presenters, and highlights


McMaster-Western Research Day is an ongoing annual event where residents from McMaster University and Western University spend the day learning from each other's research projects, involving anesthetic management of various complex cases. Residents also have the opportunity to examine different research methods and presentation methods (oral presentation, poster, case reports) and gain a broader scope of research in Anesthesia. 

This year's McMaster-Western Research Day will be on Friday, June 12th, and will be hosted by McMaster's Anesthesia Department in McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario. Following presentations and discussions, residents will join for a dinner and a friendly Trivia competition, where the winning school takes the trophy. 





CONVOCATION HALL (2nd floor, University Hall)

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1000-1100 Registration & Continental Breakfast

1100-1115 Welcome: Dr. Norm Buckley, Chair of Anesthesia

1115-1200 Morning Presentations: – Moderator – Dr. Karen Raymer

Judges: Dr. James Paul (Mac); Dr. Tim Turkstra (Western); Dr. Jon Brookes (Western); Dr. Norm Buckley (Mac)

1115-1125 Drs. Eugenia Poon & Dina Aboutouk (PGY4) A mixed cohort study comparing persistent pain post thoracic surgery

1125-1130 Discussion

1130-1140 Dr. Farah Manji “Perceptions and Practice of Intraoperative Handovers: A Survey”

1140-1145 Discussion

1145-1155 Dr. Lisa Udovic (PGY5) “Conus Medullaris Termination Study: A Retrospective Resonance Imaging Study to Determine If Spinal Anesthesia is Safe in the L2-L3 Interspace”

1155-1200 Discussion

1200-1300 Lunch & View Posters

1300-1345 Guest Lecture – Introduction by Dr. James Paul: Dr. Jason Busse “Optimal Strategies for Reporting Pain in Clinical Trials and Systematic Reviews” Assistant Professor, Department of Anesthesia

1345-1400 Discussion/Q&A

1400-1615 Afternoon Presentations – Moderator – Dr. Karen Raymer

Judges: Dr. James Paul (Mac); Dr. Tim Turkstra (Western); Dr. Jon Brookes (UWO); Dr. Norm Buckley (Mac)

1400-1410 Dr. Caitlin Gallagher “Postoperative respiratory complication rates in patients with obstructive sleep apnea undergoing surgery”

1410-1415 Discussion

1415-1425 Dr. Sean Middleton (PGY3) “Medication Compliance on the Day of Surgery for Patients Seen at Anesthesia Pre-Op Clinic: Retrospective Chart Review”

1425-1430 Discussion

1430-1440 Dr. Jessica Spence (PGY4) “Burnout among anesthesia residents: an exploratory mixed-methods study of the need for and effect of peer support group participation”

1440-1445 Discussion

1445-1515 Afternoon Break

1515-1525 Dr. Jordan Leitch “FMRI of peripheral neuropathic pain in the human spinal cord and brainstem” - includes poster

15325-1530 Discussion

1530-1540 Dr. David Sussman (PGY4) – The impact of transitioning from a 24-hour to a 16-hour call model amongst a cohort of Canadian anesthesia residents at McMaster University – a survey study

1540-1545 Discussion

1545-1555 Dr. Mark Hindle (PGY4) – Peripheral IV dislodgement forces; a comparison of two IV securement methods

1555-1600 Discussion

1600-1615 BREAK

1615-1620 Closing Remarks – Dr. Norm Buckley

1620-1635 Program & Presenter Evaluations

17:00 Reception, Dinner & Trivia Night: Faculty Club – McMaster University (http://ucmcmaster.com/About-Us/Directions.aspx )


  1. Preamble: Resident research day is a forum that allows residents from the University of Western Ontario and McMaster University, who are in the Royal College Anesthesiology Residency, to report on the research projects that they have undertaken.
  2. Participants will learn about the anesthetic management of complex cases.
  3. Participants will observe the various methods of presentation of research (oral presentations;case reports; power point, etc.)
  4. Participants will gain a broad view of the scope of resident research in Anesthesia and have an opportunity to ask specific questions of presenters that will further their knowledge of the subject (as well as examine the research methods and biostatistics of the projects presented.

We want to sincerely thank and Dr. Jon Brookes and Dr. Tim Turkstra, who will be participating as judges for both the morning and afternoon presentations! 

Go Team Western! We look forward to seeing you there!